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  • Pioneer PS-2 High Power Pressure Washer Foam Cannon 1800w

    • Car Care
    • Car washer/Pressure washer
    33,000 روپے
    29,999 روپے
  • Daewoo High Pressure Washer 1500w - 100Bar

    • Car Care
    • Car washer/Pressure washer
    19,500 روپے

Pressure Washer price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 111 to PKR 185,000.

What are the components of a car washer?

  • Hose: The hose serves as the conduit for water and detergent mixture, allowing you to maneuver around the vehicle while preventing kinks and breaks. It may include a water intake filter to ensure clean water intake.
  • Motor & Pump: The motor and pump create high-pressure water essential for effective cleaning. They power the washer and determine its performance.
  • Foam canon: Foam canon mix water and cleaner for improved cleaning. It helps in allowing you to apply soap directly to surfaces. They enhance the removal of tough stains and dirt.

How does a pressure washer work?

At its core, a pressure washer takes in water from your supply and increases its pressure multiple times using a built-in motor. The water pressure gun allows you to control and direct the high-pressure water flow. It is then run through the chosen nozzle, resulting in a powerful stream that dislodges dirt, grime, and contaminants from surfaces.

Which pressure rating (bar) is suitable for my car?

  • For routine car cleaning (100 to 150 bar, approximately 1,450 to 2,175 PSI): This pressure range is suitable for regular car maintenance tasks, such as removing dirt and dust, without risking damage to the vehicle's finish.
  • For more challenging tasks (150 to 200 bar, approximately 2,175 to 2,900 PSI): When dealing with more stubborn stains or grime, this pressure range offers extra cleaning power without going overboard.
  • Avoid exceeding 200 bar to prevent potential damage: Going above 200 bar (around 2,900 PSI) can risk damaging your car's paint or surface. Staying within this limit is crucial to ensure safe and effective cleaning. Adjust the pressure as needed based on the task at hand.

What does it mean by a bar in a car's pressure washer?

Bar refers to the pressure rating or the pressure generated by the washer's pump. It's a unit of pressure measurement commonly used in many parts of the world, especially in metric-system countries. One bar is approximately 14.5038 pounds per square inch (PSI).

What do you need to consider before buying a pressure washer? 

According to our specialists, you should consider these factors before buying Pressure Washer

  • Pressure rating (bar): Choose a pressure washer with the proper bar rating for your cleaning tasks. The higher bar suits tough jobs, while the lower bar suits lighter tasks.
  • Flow rate (liters per hour/gallons per minute): Consider the flow rate for efficient dirt removal—balanced pressure and flow rate work best.
  • Power source (electric or gas): Decide between electric for ease and gas for power, depending on your cleaning needs.
  • Portability and mobility: Opt for models with wheels or a compact design for easy movement.
  • Attachments and accessories: Look for various nozzles and extensions for versatility in cleaning.
  • Price: Balance your budget with the power and features you require. Prices vary widely.
  • Brand and warranty: Choose reputable brands with good warranties for reliability.
  • Maintenance requirements: Consider the maintenance needs like oil changes or cleaning.

Top Pressure Washer Prices in Pakistan

Pressure Washer Brand

Price Range


RS 26,999 - RS 46,000


RS 4,000 - RS 56,999


RS 1,650 - RS 2,700


RS 18,499 - RS 30,152


RS 7,999 - RS 24,350

How to use a car washer?

Follow these tips suggested by our professionals before using car washer:

  • Connect the washer to a water source and power supply.
  • Choose the appropriate nozzle for your car wash gun for cleaning your vehicle. Begin by pre-soaking your car to wet the surface thoroughly.
  • Apply car shampoo or detergent to loosen dirt and grime using the car wash machine. When cleaning, use a car washer pump in a gentle and sweeping motion to avoid damaging the paint.
  • Rinse the car thoroughly with pressure washer.

Car washer attachments: 

  • Car Wash Machine: Provides a direct, high-pressure jet of water, targeting tough spots effectively.
  • Brush Attachments: Useful for scrubbing while washing, ensuring deeper cleaning.
  • Foaming Nozzles: Mix the detergent with water, creating a foam for more effective dirt lifting.

How do you maintain a car washer?

  • Regular clean-up: Post usage, run clean water through the machine to remove any detergent residue. This simple step can increase the life of the internal components.
  • Check seals & hoses: Regularly inspect the washer's seals and hoses for any wear, tear, or cracks. These are the most common parts that might require replacements.
  • Storage: A dry, cool place is ideal. Extreme temperatures can affect the washer's internal components, especially if left unused for extended periods.

How can I enhance the pressure washer's lifespan?

Proper care extends your pressure washer's life. Regularly inspect hoses and nozzles for wear. Flush with clean water after use to prevent build-up. Store in an excellent, dry spot. You can use low fuel and drain for gas model briefly. Use only recommended cleaning solutions and oils. Replace worn parts promptly and winterize if needed.

Should I use hot or cold water to wash my car?

Using cold water for routine car washing is recommended. Hot water is more effective at removing dirt and grime. It can soften the car's paint and make it more susceptible to damage. Cold water is safer for your car's finish and sufficient for regular cleaning. You can use warm water if dealing with exceptionally stubborn stains or contaminants. However, avoid using too hot water, which may cause thermal shock and damage the paint.

Can I use any detergent with my car washer?

You should not use any detergent for washing your car. An unsuitable detergent can harm the surfaces you're cleaning. It can reduce the efficiency of the pressure washer and even damage the equipment itself. Utilizing a detergent specifically formulated for pressure washers or one recommended by the manufacturer is essential. Pressure washer detergents effectively remove pollutants, filth, and grime from various surfaces.

How often should I replace the nozzles or hoses of the car washer? 

Proper maintenance of nozzles and hoses with a water intake filter for a car washer typically enhances their lifespan for several years. However, replacing them is advisable when you observe decreased pressure by 10 % or visible signs of wear and tear. Regular inspections and timely replacements help maintain the washer's efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring optimal performance.

What makes PakWheels a reliable choice for buying pressure washers in Pakistan? 

One of the most trusted automotive companies, PakWheels has been satisfying users in online purchases since 2003. We offer automatic car wash machines in Pakistan that meet your affordability standards. We deliver reliable car care items to our customers with top-notch services. Our top-notch pressure washer brands are Energizer, Hyundai, INGCO, Karcher, Pioneer, and Samco. Moreover

  • We offer a secure payment method to our customers with a money-back guarantee.
  • Competitive prices with various ranges of products like microfiber cloth, water pressure guns, adjustable car wash foam guns, and rechargeable electric pressure washer guns to meet your cleaning needs effectively.

Pressure Washers کی ویڈیوز

Pioneer P1 Pressure Washer

  • Pioneer P1 Pressure Washer

    Pioneer P1 Pressure Washer

  • Pioneer P1 Pressure Washer | PakWheels

    Pioneer P1 Pressure Washer | PakWheels

  • P1 Pressure Washer With Foam Lance

    P1 Pressure Washer With Foam Lance

  • Cordless Rechargeable Electric Pressure Power Washer Gun

    Cordless Rechargeable Electric Pressure Power Washer Gun

  • Energizer Professional Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

    Energizer Professional Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

  • Black + Decker Pressure Washer 1300w

    Black + Decker Pressure Washer 1300w


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