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روڈ پرنس RP 110 مجموعی جائزہ

Road Prince RP 110 is a reasonably priced bike with a powerful 110cc engine power. Road Prince is proud to present such a powerful bike while maintaining the price tag in times of high inflation. Road Prince RP 110 is a superb engineering effort using the latest Japanese technology to give you the best road experience ever. A significant fuel tank capacity of 10L and a proclaimed city mileage of more than 50 Km/L with the finest of performance is the most appealing characteristic of Road Prince RP 110. Further, the new mudguard and headlight are an addition to the attractive features of Road Prince RP 110.

خصوصیات روڈ پرنس RP 110

انجن 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled ڈسپلیسمنٹ 110 سی سی
بور اور اسٹروک 52.5 x 49.5 ملی میٹر کمپریشن کا تناسب 9.1:1
کلچ Wet Type Multi-Plate گیئر منتخب کریں 4-زیادہ سے زیادہ رفتار
اسٹارٹنگ Kick Start فریم Backbone Type
پیمائش (پیمائش (لمبائی x چوڑائی x اونچائی)) 1900 زمین سے فاصلہ 135 ملی میٹر
فیول کی گنجائش 10 لیٹر اگلا ٹائر 2.50 - 18
پچھلا ٹائر 2.50 - 18 مجموعی وزن 98 کلوگرام

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Anonymous May 27, 2021

Cons: Vibration Pros: only 110cc bike in that budget. I made tours of moola chotak, kund malir, gorakh hill from Karachi. It's top speed is 80 kmph. Brakes are ok. You can't assume emergency br...


Worst Bike

Anonymous May 24, 2021

I purchased this bike before 1 year because of its look but after become an owner of road prince jackpot, i feel it was a worst decision to purchase this so called machine. very low, poor and chea...

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روڈ پرنس RP 110


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