پاکستان میں برائے فروخت استعمال شدہ موٹر سائیکلیں(289)

ترتیب برائے:
    • لاہور
    • 2020
    • 28 کلومیٹر
    • 2-اسٹروک
    اپڈیٹ تقریبا 6 گھنٹے قبل
  • الرٹ بنائیں

    اپنی تلاش سے ملتے جلتے اشتہارات بذریعہ ای میل حاصل کریں

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اشتہار دیں مفت

ہزاروں خریداروں کو فوری بیچیں


ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) also identified as a quad, quad bike, three wheels or a four-wheel bike. Originally these amphibious vehicles were part of military vehicles, all around the globe but people starting using these for recreational purposes and soon manufacturers joined the ring to produce such vehicles for enthusiasts. In Pakistan, these are imported but people are showing positive interest in these quad bikes, probably to take part in desert rallies in Pakistan, which are again usually organized by Pakwheels. ATV's main purpose is to provide added stability at slower speeds hence contributing to elevated maneuverability.

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