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USED cars market in Faisalabad

The Automobile sector is one of the biggest industries of Pakistan and Used cars have its market in almost every city of Pakistan. Faisalabad is nowhere behind in having different markets where buyers and sellers can easily meet for purchasing used cars in Faisalabad. Famous markets where Used Cars in Faisalabad can be found are Susan Road market and East Canal Road market. Used Cars have a huge market in Pakistan due to the recent influx of Japanese cars in Pakistan.


There is no doubt that the used car market of Lahore is way bigger than Faisalabad but one can’t deny the fact that almost every company has their dealers in Faisalabad. Dealers of the following Automakers are working in Faisalabad Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, FAW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu, Nissan and BMW. Used Japanese cars are also quite famous in Faisalabad.


Although there are plenty of used cars preferred in Faisalabad, when it comes to smaller cars, Japanese cars are very popular. Some of the famous small Japanese models are Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Jimny, Suzuki Hustler, Honda N Box, Honda N WGN, Honda Life, Toyota Rush, Toyota Passo, Toyota Vitz, Mitsubishi Mirage and Daihatsu Move. SUV’s are also very popular in Faisalabad. You can find used cars in Faisalabad on PakWheels in every budget and category. PakWheels has a very effective set of filters which can be used to find used cars in every category.  PakWheels has the following categories in used car section: used hatchbacks, used sedans, used SUV, used sports cars, used luxury cars, used pickups, used MPV and used vans.