ہونڈا ایکارڈ 1997 کاریں برائے فروخت پاکستان (1)

ترتیب برائے:
    • اسلام آباد
    • 1997
    • 30,000 کلومیٹر
    • پیٹرول
    • 1600 سی سی
    • آٹومیٹک
    اپڈیٹ 3 ماہ قبل
  • Car Inspection Rate

    پاک ویلز کار معائنہ

    کار کی 200+ چیک پوائنٹس پر جانچ کریں

    • انجن
    • سسپنشن
    • ایکسٹیریئر
    • انٹیریئر
    مزید جانیں
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Honda Accord 1997 SPECS AND FEATURES

The Honda Accord 1997 has engine capacity of 1850 cc available in Automatic transmission. It can achieve fuel average of 10 KM/L mileage.

Honda Accord 1997 Price in Pakistan

Honda Accord 1997 price in Pakistan depends upon the variant you choose and kilometres driven. The average sale price of a used Honda Accord 1997 ranges between Rs. 7.8 Lacs to 9.0 . However, you can find a good condition second hand Honda Accord 1997 in Rs. 8.4 Lacs

Honda Accord 6th Generation Variants

Honda Accord CF3

Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Suzuki Kizashi and Toyota Mark X are the main competitors of Honda Accord. However, Honda Accord 1997 is popular because of its good exterior, interior, and value for the price

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