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ہونڈا سِوک Oriel 1.8 i-VTEC CVT 2017

بحریہ ٹاؤن کراچی, کراچی سندھ

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41,278 کلومیٹر



گاڑی کی مجموعی کنڈیشن
  • 93%

    Exterior & Body

  • 100%


  • 100%


  • 100%


  • 100%


گاڑی فیچرز

  • ABS
  • CD پلیئر
  • FM/AM ریڈیو
  • USB اور AUX کیبل
  •  "ایئر کنڈیشنگ"
  • اسٹیئرنگ سوئچز
  • الائے رمز
  • اموبیلائزر
  • ایئر بیگز
  • خود کار سائیڈ مِررز
  • ریئر AC وینٹس
  • ریئر اسپیکرز
  • ریئر کیمرا
  • ریموٹ کنٹرول
  • سن رُوف
  • فرنٹ اسپیکرز
  • فرنٹ کیمرا
  • نیوی گیشن
  • پاور اسٹیئرنگ
  • پاور لاکس
  • پاور ونڈوز
  • کروز کنٹرول
  • کلائمیٹ کنٹرول

فروخت کرنے والے کے تبصرے

Inspected by PakWheels (Report Atta
Honda Civic 2017, i-VTEC model (UG), colour white. Single hand driven . Car has never been in an accident (no spray paint, etc on body). Three digit VIP number plate. Maintained by Honda dealership. Record of all routine maintenance including invoices is available. Driven only 40,100 km.
Alloy rims, Full HID lights and break light and indicator Led import from USA horn added later on. New set of tires and break pads added recently; spare tire unused. New wiper blades installed. 5D floor mats in room plus trunk mat.
Car can be seen in Bahria town Karachi at my home. Demand 34.50 LAC final. Please don’t ask about final price without even seeing car. Mention when calling Seller to get a good deal. Everything is in genuine condition. Authorized dealership maintained. Complete service details available. Alloy Rims. Original Book is available. Original return file is available. Non accidental. Fitted with new tires.
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