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Used Honda Vezel Hybrid for Sale in Pakistan

Honda Vezel is a mini SUV manufactured by one of the largest automakers in the world. Vezel was introduced to the production line in 2013. The brand new vehicle is being imported into Pakistan, which gained popularity within months.

Honda Vezel Specifications

Honda Vezel has two machines to offer under the hood. One can choose a 1.5L I4 engine or 1.8L I4, in Pakistan 1.5L I4 Vezel are seen.

Honda Vezel Price in Pakistan

On an average, used Honda Vezel 2014 price is PKR 32 Lacs and Honda Vezel 2015 price in Pakistan is around PKR 34 Lacs whereas a brand new fully loaded Honda Vezel hybrid 2016 costs around PKR 40 Lacs.

Available variants are:

Honda Vezel Hybrid X 1.5L I4

Honda Vezel Hybrid Z 1.5L I4

Honda Vezel Hybrid X L package 1.5L I4

Toyota Prius and Toyota CHR are the direct competitors to Honda Vezel hybrid in Pakistan. Both the vehicles fall under the hybrid category, however, C-HR & Prius have 1800cc version as well. Honda Vezel has good road clearance but is underpowered where on the other hand Prius has poor road clearance but more powerful and CH-R is a bit expensive compared to Honda Vezel.

Resale value of Honda Vezel

Imported cars don’t lose their value very quickly as they are far better compared to local vehicles. A good condition used Honda Vezel can be found fewer than 3.0 million.

SUV & Crossover by Honda Atlas, Pakistan

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