Pak-Suzuki Used Car Certification

Buy a Used Suzuki Car With

Now you can drive Suzuki Certified used car that is free from every hassle and inspected by Pak Suzuki engineers on 130 checkpoints and provides a peace of mind for customers buying used cars.

  • Certified by Pak Suzuki engineers
  • Genuineness of Suzuki certified Used car documents
  • Up to 1 year warranty
  • 3 free services


  1. Certified by Pak Suzuki Engineers
  2. Evaluated on 130 checkpoints
  3. Genuineness of Suzuki certified used car documents
  4. All cars refurbished with Suzuki genuine parts
  5. Widest dealership network in Pakistan
  6. Suzuki warranty up to 1 year
  7. 3 free services
  8. Certified used car financing & insurance facility available
  9. Risk free solution to the problems faced by used car buyers
  10. Best deal of safe & reliable wheels.

Find Used Suzuki Certified Cars in Pakistan

  • قیمت کی حد / تمام قیمتیں

Recent Certified Suzuki Cars

Suzuki used Car Exchange

Suzuki exchange program provides the most convenient way to upgrade from your old car to a New Suzuki by just paying the difference. Whereas you can also exchange your old car from Suzuki certified used car.

Bring your old car to any Suzuki 3s dealership and avail this best offer by Pak Suzuki.

  • Best price for your used car
  • Priority delivery in exchange
  • Exchange opportunity with Suzuki new/ certified used car by just paying the difference.


  1. Evaluation on 130 checkpoints
  2. Best price for your used car
  3. Immediate Payment
  4. Priority delivery in exchange
  5. Exchange opportunity with Suzuki new/ certified used car by just paying the difference
  6. Proper transfer of documents (your used car sold only after transfer of documents)
  7. Your car is in safe hands
  8. No Hidden charges
  9. No middle men, No commission
  10. Fair and transparent deals at Suzuki Authorized dealerships

Suzuki Authorized Used Car Dealers

Suzuki Used Car Financing

Suzuki Used Car Finance is the easiest way of getting your car financed. The Program is exclusively available at Pak Suzuki authorized dealerships. The program offers attractive features along with unmatched benefits as compared to any other Auto finance program:

  • Best Competitive & Affordable rate
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Transparent Deals
  • Minimum Down Payment

Suzuki News & Events and Pak-Suzuki launch online Suzuki Certified Used car Buying/Exchange portal

July 10, 2017

Lahore:, Pakistan’s largest Automobile website, and Pak-Suzuki Motor Company Limited have joined hands to launch Suzuki certified used car portal. The aim of this venture is to launch an interactive, direct-to-consumer, ‘car buying and exchange online program’ on The users will be able to buy Suzuki certified cars available at Pak Suzuki authorized dealerships...

Revolutionizing the Used Car Buying Experience

July 05, 2017

As Pak Suzuki is the No.1 manufacturer and marketer of Brand new local assembled and imported Suzuki vehicles; we strive to enhance motorization by providing good quality; affordable certified used cars to customers as well. Keeping up with its tradition of making its authorized dealerships as an innovative One Window Solution providers to meet the...

زیادہ پوچھے جانے والے سوالات

It is the best Suzuki used car model not older then 5 years and driven less then 75,000 kms; that is refurbished by Pak Suzuki Authorized dealership as per checklist and then checked by Pak Suzuki Motors Engineers and then Pak Suzuki extends used car warranty on them.

Suzuki is the Pioneer in Pakistan to bring the concept of Suzuki Certified used car.

Pak Suzuki provides 2 warranty criteria

  • Category A: 15000 km or 1 year up to 2 year old car
  • Category B: 7500 km or 6 months up to 5 years old car
It includes 3 free inspection services, and basic routine checkup.

Pak Suzuki gives used car warranty as per standard warranty terms as per Owner’s Manual and Warranty Booklet. This Warranty covers mechanical* components, included in the manufacturer's original build specifications except exclusions indicated.

Certified used cars warranty may only be availed at the specific dealership from where the vehicle was purchased.

Pak Suzuki has set the benchmark for selling certified used cars in Pakistan since Gala events started in 2012. Pak Suzuki arranges GALA every quarterly/bi annually in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Multan which has revolutionized the used car buying experience in Pakistan.

In gala events, large number of certified used cars bought by our authorized dealerships backed up by Pak Suzuki Warranty are sold which is a testament to the fact that Suzuki certified used cars are quality vehicles and customers truly trust and have confidence in Suzuki certified used cars. Suzuki Used Car Gala is family event where families buy the best used cars in town.

The best price is offered to its customers after complete inspection of your vehicle
Yes, Pak Suzuki dealers welcome their customer to exchange to a new Suzuki from any brand/s; subject to buying price agreed by customer as per condition of the car assessed by dealerships.
Pak Suzuki dealership provides transparency in deal and all the vehicles that are bought by the dealer are sold after complete transfer of documents.
No, it covers only specific dealer from where the certified car is bought.
Exchange provides its customer a hassle free solution where customers can upgrade from old car to a New Suzuki through trade in.
Customer can exchange from wide variety of Suzuki product.
All new vehicles under exchange program are delivered on priority basis depending upon the demand and supply of vehicles.
All Suzuki Certified Used cars come with Pak Suzuki Used car Warranty Certificate
Dealers can evaluate customer cars and buying transaction can be done subject to buying price agreed by customer as per condition of the car assessed by dealerships.
Exchange program covers all dealership where evaluator is available.
After evaluation of your old car by dealerships and assessment of price as per condition of vehicle and same buying price agreed by customer; customer has to just pay the price difference towards the Retail price of new car.