سرمئی سوزوکی راوی کاریں برائے فروخت پاکستان (2)

ترتیب برائے:
    • ملتان
    • 2010
    • 76,000 کلومیٹر
    • پیٹرول
    • 800 سی سی
    • مینوئل
    اپڈیٹ 25 دن قبل
    • ملتان
    • 2010
    • 50,000 کلومیٹر
    • پیٹرول
    • 800 سی سی
    • مینوئل
    اپڈیٹ تقریبا ایک مہینہ قبل
  • Car Inspection Rate

    پاک ویلز کار معائنہ

    کار کی 200+ چیک پوائنٹس پر جانچ کریں

    • انجن
    • سسپنشن
    • ایکسٹیریئر
    • انٹیریئر
    مزید جانیں
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Suzuki Ravi Pickup for Sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Ravi is a Kei-truck which is commonly seen on the streets of Pakistan. The pickup vehicle is present in the Pakistan since decades. However, it has been discontinued in the majority of the countries. The vehicle is not just popular for transferring goods to places but also humungous amounts of people sit on it. 

Suzuki Pickup can be customized according to owner's preference. If the owner wants to transport goods in it, one can get it made accordingly. If you want to use Suzuki Ravi as a pickup van, you can get the trunk covered and place seats. The flexibility of the trunk usage makes the vehicle preferred by many.

Suzuki Ravi Specifications

Suzuki Ravi pickup comes with a standard 800cc petrol engine along with the manual transmission. The newer model’s engines are meeting the EURO II emission standards. However, the older machines were not meeting the standards comparatively causing a much more damage to the environment.

Suzuki Ravi Price in Pakistan

Used Suzuki Ravi price in Pakistan varies between 3.0 Lacs to 6.0 Lacs. It is seen that one can purchase Suzuki Ravi 2014 around 5.0 Lacs. However, a low mileage vehicle is difficult to find. Suzuki Ravi 2015 is going to cost around 5.5 Lacs.

Current variants available;

Ravi Euro II
Ravi Pickup STD VX

Changan Kalash and FAW Carrier are the two direct competitors of Suzuki Ravi van. However, it is seen that people still prefer going for Suzuki Ravi. Changan Kalash is not widely seen even though it is less costly than Suzuki Ravi. However, quite a few FAW Carriers are seen on roads. A significant reason why they cannot compete Suzuki Ravi head on is cheap maintenance and availability of parts. Suzuki Ravi parts are available everywhere. You just name the part, and you'll get it. Also, it is seen that Suzuki mechanics are easily found on the market, and as these pickup trucks are used for commercial purpose, their daily travelling is too much making them visit mechanics now and then. FAW has been trying hard to take the market share of Suzuki Ravi, but it surely is going to take time. However, it is noted that all the three pickup trucks lack basic features such as power steering, power windows, ABS and airbags.

Resale Value of Suzuki Ravi

There is plenty of Used Suzuki Ravi’s present in the market for sale, and this is the reason why the resale value is pretty good. As there is good demand due to low-cost maintenance and availability of parts people, tend to purchase Suzuki Ravi. However, most of the second hand Suzuki Ravi are not in good condition.

Popular Model of Suzuki Ravi

Suzuki Ravi itself is a popular model in Pakistan. People make full use of the vehicle and sell it off usually when it can't deliver anymore. However to make the car more economical owners prefer purchasing a CNG version of the vehicle as the fuel cost decreases considerably,

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