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Japanese Cars in Pakistan

Japan automotive industry is considered as one of the largest industries in the world. Japanese cars are considered reliable, cost comparatively low, and consist of advanced technology. In Pakistan, there aren’t many options for someone who is looking to buy an economical car with advanced features. So, Japanese used cars have been getting popular in Pakistan especially Kei Cars because of their lower costs and advanced features. The imported Japanese cars prices in Pakistan began to rise as the demand for these cars were increased. There are hundreds of Japanese cars for sale in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Rawalpindi on PakWheels.

Popular Japanese Cars in Pakistan

In 660cc category, Daihatsu Mira, Suzuki Alto, Mitsubishi EK Wagon, and Daihatsu Move are few of the famous Japanese cars in Pakistan. In the 1000cc class, Toyota Vitz, Passo, and Daihatsu Mirage are most popular Japanese cars in Pakistan. Toyota Corolla Fielder and Toyota Probox, considered in the category of the station wagon, are popular Japani cars in Pakistan. Toyota Prius and Honda Vezel are also very popular in Pakistan.

Japanese used cars have been getting popular in Pakistan because of their comparatively low prices, comfort, luxury, and impressive features. Moreover, Japanese cars have more to offer on the same budget as compared with local cars.

Daihatsu 660cc Cars

Daihatsu Mira

Daihatsu Mira, a kei car-type, is manufactured by Japanese auto manufacturer Daihatsu. Mira comes with a 660cc engine and has a very low fuel consumption. The car has a sleek look and quality interior and exterior. The car is preferred our locally manufactured Mehran because it comes with a lot more options.

Price of Daihatsu Mira in Pakistan

Daihatsu Mira 2013 price ranges between PKR 10 Lacs and PKR 12 Lacs. Daihatsu Mira 2014 costs around PKR 13 Lacs. The average price of 2015 Daihatsu Mira is around PKR 14 Lacs.

Daihatsu Move

Move is a Kei car built by manufactured by Japanese auto manufacturer Daihatsu. This 660cc car is popular in Pakistan because of its quality exterior, comfortable interior, and other salient features.

Price of Daihatsu Move in Pakistan

The average price of Move 2013 in Pakistan is around PKR 11 Lacs. 2014 Daihatsu Move costs around PKR 12 Lacs. Daihatsu Move 2015 price is around PKR 13 Lacs.

Suzuki 660cc Cars

Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto is a Kei car built by Suzuki. Economical price and low fuel efficiency are major reasons for the popularity of Suzuki Alto. This 660cc car is getting popular in Pakistan as well. The major reason behind the popularity of Alto in Pakistan is its salient features, which local car manufacturers don't provide for the same price.

Price of Suzuki Alto in Pakistan

The price of Suzuki Alto 2013 in Pakistan is around PKR 10 Lacs. Suzuki Alto 2014 costs around PKR 11 Lacs in Pakistan. Suzuki Alto 2015 average price is around PKR 12 Lacs.

Toyota 1000cc Cars

Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz, a subcompact hatchback 1000cc car, is manufactured by Japanese auto manufacturer Toyota. Vitz is considered as the most successful small car of Toyota. Currently, the third generation of Toyota Vitz is available for sale in international markets. Vitz has a beautiful vibrant style that gives an aggressive, modern, and young look. The most recent models of Vitz have modern security and safety features which make this car a popular choice.

Price of Toyota Vitz in Pakistan

The average price of imported Toyota Vitz depends on the car’s model, import year, covered mileage, and current condition of the car. 2013 Toyota Vitz costs around PKR 14 Lacs. The price of 2014 Toyota Vitz is around PKR 15.5 Lacs. The average price of 2015 Toyota Vitz in Pakistan is around PKR 16.5 Lacs.

Toyota Passo

Toyota Passo is a popular car in Pakistan because of its salient features. The car has modern security features, a sleek and comfortable interior, and a stylish exterior. Although Passo 1000cc and Passo1300cc are available in the market, but Passo 1000cc is more popular in Pakistan.

Price of Toyota Passo 1000cc in Pakistan

The average price of 2013 Passo 1000cc in Pakistan is around PKR 13 Lacs. The price of Toyota Passo 2014 costs around PKR 14 Lacs, and for Passo 2015 the average price is PKR 15 Lacs.

Toyota 1800cc Cars

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius, a hybrid car, is also a popular import in Pakistan because of its features and excellent fuel efficiency. Expensive fuel has been a reason for the increase in the popularity of hybrid cars in Pakistan, and it won’t be wrong to say that Prius is most popular hybrid car in Pakistan.

Price of Toyota Prius Hybrid in Pakistan

As the general trend, the price of Toyota Prius hybrid is dependent upon the model, import year, and mileage covered by the car. Toyota Prius 2013 costs around PKR 24 Lacs in Pakistan. Toyota Prius 2014 price ranges between PKR 26 Lacs and PKR 30 Lacs. Toyota Prius 2015 costs around PKR 40 Lacs.

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