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Used Suzuki Liana for Sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Liana received a warm welcome in the auto world in 2001. The vehicle was introduced in Pakistan by Pak Suzuki in 2006 replacing Suzuki Baleno. Not as successful as Baleno but the car did perform well. A major buyer of the vehicle was the governmental bodies who allotted the cars to their respective officers. Pak Suzuki had huge hopes with the vehicle, but Liana couldn't meet up their hopes. 

Suzuki Liana Specifications

In the international world, Liana had a 2.0-liter engine whereas in Pakistan there are just two engine offerings, 1.3L, and 1.6L. Although the 1300cc variant is underpowered, 1600cc does some justice. However, the 1300cc variant is the most common version found in Liana.

Used Suzuki Liana Price in Pakistan

Used Suzuki Liana 2013 will cost you around 1.2 million. However, older models can be purchased for under 0.9 million easily. However there are Liana, which can be purchased even under 0.7 million, but they will be found in rough condition.

Available variants are:

Suzuki Liana AXI
Suzuki Liana Eminent
Suzuki Liana Eminent Automatic
Suzuki Liana LXI
Suzuki Liana LXI sport
Suzuki Liana RXI
Suzuki Liana RXI (CNG)

Toyota Corolla and Honda City are direct competitors of Suzuki Liana. Many people believe that Liana is better than City, but then it's all about preferences. If you compare Corolla with Liana, there is no doubt Corolla is winning not only because of the shape but durability as well, Corolla is one of the most durable cars which bears severe beatings. It can be said that Suzuki could have done better to make Liana a head-on competitor for Honda City and Toyota Corolla and the automaker should have focused on providing value for money. Starting on with the shape, Suzuki failed to give Liana an impressive and eye catching design. The design of the vehicle is a major reason why people are willing to purchase the car or not; Suzuki Liana failed at this step. With the technical aspects, the vehicle has an underpowered engine and once again couldn't face its competitor well on this page.

Resale value of Suzuki Liana

In general, it can be concluded that the resale value of Suzuki Liana is not at all worth praising. Buyers of this car are hard to find in the market and even if they are present, the amount they are willing to spend doesn’t meet the asking price of the owner. With the recent instability in the availability of CNG, the factory fitted Liana resale value has also decreased. People now tend to purchase a petrol version due two reasons, one stated above and the second because gasoline prices going down.

Popular Model of Liana

The most popular version of Liana is the RXI, it is the standard and base grade model. Also the government officials, who were entitled to receive a Suzuki Liana, were in this grade. The reason for the popularity is found to be not expensive compared to eminent and offering almost the same thing as other top versions are.

Suzuki Liana Car Reviews

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