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Used Toyota Camry for Sale in Pakistan

Camry is a very famous vehicle offered by Toyota since the year 1982. It's termed as Toyota's second "world car" after Corolla. In the United States, Toyota Camry is termed as the best-selling vehicle since the year 1997 till 2015 except 2001. A mid-size sedan with a narrow body, Camry surely is a good car. The 2011 onwards Camry are featured as much more environmentally friendly vehicle. Toyota Camry has two main body types; narrow body and wide body. Narrow body Camry are present from the year 1979-2003. However, wide-body variants were available in the market since 1991.

The latest models of Toyota Camry are not popularly seen in Pakistan due to the high price tag they have attached to themselves because of the customs duties. However, the older models of Toyota Camry are commonly seen.

Toyota Camry Specifications

Although there are many different variants available worldwide, in Pakistan older models of Toyota Camry were seen with a 2400cc engine and the latest models have a 2500cc hybrid engine. The vehicle is present in the market with an automatic transmission.

What is Price of Toyota Camry in Pakistan?

Used Toyota Camry of few years back is going to cost you easily around PKR 4.5 million however if you climb up the year the price is going to increase to more than 6.0 million. Older models of Toyota Camry can now be purchased close to 2.0 million.

Current available versions are:

  • Toyota Camry G
  • Toyota Camry G Limited Edition
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • Toyota Camry Up-Spec automatic 2.4
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid leather package


Honda Accord is the direct competitor of Toyota Camry not only in Pakistan but all around the globe. Both the vehicles have same engine offerings, and the prices are also the same in Pakistan. A brand new Toyota Camry costs more than 10 million so is a brand new Honda Accord. The difference we have found out is that Toyota lovers go for Camry whereas Honda fans go for Accord. People have options to purchase an E-Class, C-Class, 5-series, 3-series, Audi A4, Audi A5 and Audi A6 close to the price of a brand new Camry.

Resale Value of Toyota Camry

Resale value of such luxury vehicles in Pakistan falls with time and the time comes when they cost the amount a middle-class family can afford. The resale value of the vehicle is very strong in the start but with years passing on, they depreciate with a big percentage. A major reason found out on the depreciating resale value is that the upper class goes for the newer models however the middle-class avoids purchasing these vehicles due to high fuel consumption and other maintenance cost. This gap causes the value to decrease with significant figures. However, the older models have almost reached a saturation point regarding price.

Popular model of Toyota Camry

XV30 and XV40 are the two most popular Toyota Camry models in Pakistan. These two models are very popular in the Middle East as well. XV30 is from 2001-2006 whereas XV40 is from 2006-2011. The grip of both these generations along with comfort and power is simply mind-blowing. These two generations fit in the range of the customers whereas the latest model is priced high.

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