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Honda Deluxe Euro 2 PKR 124,000 Suzuki SPRINTER ECO Euro2 PKR 90,400 Honda CBR 150 PKR 660,000 Metro Dabang Euro ll 70 PKR 46,000 Yamaha YD-100 Junoon PKR 72,500 Asia Hero 125 PKR 65,500 Eagle Vicky 70cc PKR 36,800 Road Prince RP 110 CC PKR 44,500 Crown CRLF Self Start 70 cc PKR 49,500 Road Prince Bullet PKR 45,000 Pak Hero PK 70 PKR 38,000 Super Power SP-70 PKR 42,500 Metro MR 70 PKR 38,000 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1330R PKR 2,500,000 Hero RF 70 PKR 43,500 Honda CD 100 Euro 2 PKR 80,500 Eagle DG 70 PKR 36,000 Suzuki GD 110 Euro II PKR 109,900 Metro MR-125 PKR 72,000 Suzuki Raider 110 Euro 2 PKR 98,400

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Best bike in Pakistan

Suzuki GS-150

Posted by raheel ulfat on Aug 31, 2014

Gs150 is the best bike in Pakistan .its very comfortable no vibration like other crap bikes U enjoy ride much. Have to change...

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Dont do it

Suzuki GS-150

Posted by Eddy5 on Aug 29, 2014

This bike will attract you like a witch disguises as a top beautiful model its useless. no improvement, and less stability. ...

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Latest Automotive News


China introduces the first separate footpath for those who can’t look away from their cell phones

Cell phone usage has grown so much that we can call it obsessive, its usage has costs lives; paralyzed many, people become mindless drones while on the phone; unbeknownst to their surrounding, their heads indulged deep into the screens of their phones. We have seen countless videos on youtube but people will be people and...

The post China introduces the first separate footpath for those who can’t look away from their cell phones appeared first on PakWheels Blog.


PakWheels Karachi Auto Show was a celebration of automotive cultures Auto Show is a traveling auto show, it moves around the entire country to entertain everyone, especially those with a soft-spot in their hearts for cars. We call our auto show a celebration of all the automotive cultures; motorcycle culture is a world of its own, tuner cars is another culture, vintage and classic...

The post PakWheels Karachi Auto Show was a celebration of automotive cultures appeared first on PakWheels Blog.


Nissan GT-R blows a tire at 200 MPH

Nissan GT-R, also known as ‘Godzilla’, has been known for humiliating one of the fastest, most expensive exotic cars cars ever produced such as the Porsche 911, Lamborghinis and even Ferraris. Because it went faster around the circuit than all of those at quarter of their price when GT-R first came out. Even though now...

The post Nissan GT-R blows a tire at 200 MPH appeared first on PakWheels Blog.


GM to launch 40 new models in India

Pakistan is a small but starved car market, nothing compared to India but we’re a bit jealous of how the automotive industry and market is shaping up in India. India is expected to become the world’s third-largest passenger car market by 2018, which is a jump of three spots from the current sixth position and...

The post GM to launch 40 new models in India appeared first on PakWheels Blog.


2015 BMW 2-Series Convertible

BMW has taken the wraps off its latest two-door cabriolet before its official debut at Paris Motor Show in October. The BMW 2 series is a direct replacement for the popular outgoing 1 Series Convertible. With the odd and even number strategy at BMW now, this replacement of 1 Series is now called the 2...

The post 2015 BMW 2-Series Convertible appeared first on PakWheels Blog.

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Self Tunning - Khyber G-10 (Plugs, valve clearance, spark gap etc)

---Quote (Originally by axe.effect)--- shaidbokhari Did you get kabli rotors?. Does your car vibrate at high speed under braking? My car only...

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LPG Converted Vehicles Owners Club

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Ask "Xulfiqar" ... An Automotive Encyclopedia.

sir car also has a sagging headliner, the previous owner warned not to get it fixed as it will disturb the airbags in the pillars, i think that...

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Suzuki Liana Price Check and Suggestion for a few issues

you cannot get more than 6 lac for Liana , better to keep this

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