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Elegance over power

Posted by Uzair Hassan Khan on Jul 30, 2015

This bike looks very balanced and mature, not very sporty , yet I'd definitely rank it as the sturdiest bike in the market in terms of build-quality. There are absolutely no creaks or cheaply manufactured parts on the bike, and Suzuki demands a higher price just because of that. The fuel economy is very good, I'm getting exactly 50km/L in Islamabad which is hilly so I'd e...

Impressive Motorcycle

Posted by Uzair Hassan Khan on Jul 30, 2015

This bike looks absolutely gorgeous when compared to all the other street bikes currently in retail. The drive is smooth, and the machining of parts is top-notch. Fuel Economy is at 40km/L and that is well and good for Islamabad since it's mostly hilly (in areas like Karachi or Multan I'd expect a better fuel economy). Since the fuel tank is 13L (2.6L reserve) one can eas...

YAMAHA YBR 125 Comparison

Posted by Imran Sher on Jul 22, 2015

Well i have seen Yamaha closely, it has a stylish look and bike design seems fine as well. I have used Suzuki GS 150 but quality of body paint & chrome and parts are not up-to mark. Honda deluxe is a nice bike, also well shaped but vibration problem is there. Also re-sale as compared to CG 125 is a drawback. Now after all this looking at Yamaha i think only problem seems is...

Currently this best bike in pakistani market

Posted by Usama Ahmed on Jul 18, 2015

Style: Aesthetically this bike is the best in pakistani market till date. Comfort: Its YAMAHA!! You can expect best of the best comfort for long distance traveling. Performance: For the addons and features in this bike and keeping performance to weigh ratio in mind, it delivers what it suppose to be. Value for Money: For Honda Deluxe for Rs 124,000 with no self star...

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