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Not Satisfied

Posted by Zeeshan Safder on Nov 09, 2015

The age of kicking the bikes must end and AHL should introduce Self Start. THE BIGGEST DOWNSIDE IN THIS BIKE IS THE OLD OHV ENGINE IF NEW OHC ENGINE WAS GIVEN THIS BIKE WAS AS GOOD AS INTERNATIONAL 125cc CATEGORY BIKES. Bike is full of Vibration Only Crap sticker is new technology and price is not justified. No Disc Brake, No alloy Rim, NO fueal Guage,...

Yahama is always best

Posted by chaudhary SHEHRYAR on Nov 09, 2015

I have driven this beauty on my uncle's yahama showroom . i just love this bike . i hope i will buy this beauty in next year 2016 (inshallah) as compared to the other models like honda delux no self start not so good look.. i own cg 125 2014 model but in comfort +style+features yahama a awsome bike !

Right now the best bike in Pakistan for the price

Posted by Muhammad Aqeeq Ansari on Nov 02, 2015

As far as the looks are concerned, there's nothing better being locally assembled right now in Pakistan for the price. From an engineering point of view, the YBR uses (SOHC) , (OHV) AKA Pushrod system. While it may be a bit complex to design, the plus side is higher RPMs and less vibration, better fuel economy, and add in a Single Axis balancer, a smoother ride. Stil...

US 125 Euro ll

Posted by Raja Gujarkhani on Oct 17, 2015

Loookwise its a copy of honda cg 125 Euro ll. None of the featoures like, trip meter, fuel gauge, gear indicator, time clock etc, etc is given in the meter penal. this product is just a vertual slap on the faces of dumb pakistani public as they have no capacity to demand quality and features from the manufecturer. no disc breakes no alloy rims no guard rails. this shit is no...

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