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Highly recommended prius

Posted by jibrankhan on Jul 01, 2015

I have prius 1.5 and 2010 model. It is the best car I have ever used. 24 to 25 kmpl is my car consumption. Exterior look ain't much appealing but 1.8 version is good in looks too. I highly recommend it for people who wanna save money and I save roughly 6 to 8 thousands per month. Which makes 80000 per year plus it's oil change with 5w 30 oil is in great condition even after ...

Practical yet expensive

Posted by Aviator X on Jul 01, 2015

Exterior: A looker from the front with an ugly rear Interior: Limited leg space in the front, adequate in the rear....Not as comfortable as the Corolla. Air Conditioning is good. Fabric seats are comfortable. Leather seats found on the Aspire variant are hard and uncomfortable. Cheap plastic material; Massive trunk, even bigger than the Corolla. Handling & Perfomr...

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