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YAMAHA YBR 125 Comparison

Posted by Imran Sher on Jul 22, 2015

Well i have seen Yamaha closely, it has a stylish look and bike design seems fine as well. I have used Suzuki GS 150 but quality of body paint & chrome and parts are not up-to mark. Honda deluxe is a nice bike, also well shaped but vibration problem is there. Also re-sale as compared to CG 125 is a drawback. Now after all this looking at Yamaha i think only problem seems is...

Currently this best bike in pakistani market

Posted by Usama Ahmed on Jul 18, 2015

Style: Aesthetically this bike is the best in pakistani market till date. Comfort: Its YAMAHA!! You can expect best of the best comfort for long distance traveling. Performance: For the addons and features in this bike and keeping performance to weigh ratio in mind, it delivers what it suppose to be. Value for Money: For Honda Deluxe for Rs 124,000 with no self star...