India just found India on Mars

India accomplished this great feat of sending a Mars Orbiter called ‘MOM’ and it has finally taken and sent back some pictures and Indians are swooning over those pictures because one of the pictures resembles to be in the shape of India on the continent.
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Here’s how to escape a speed camera on Pakistani motorways

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Maintaining a speed limit of 120 Km/hr is a true battle of nerves, especially when we don’t have cruise control in our cars. For people who have a vast experience of traveling on motorway; also know a handy bit

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Aquaplane: The hidden danger of driving in rain

It’s been continuously raining for the past few days and Lahore has been reflecting Venice as you step out on roads. In fact, you can’t tell where the road is, it’s just a stream of water flowing across the whole city. While driving in 2-3 feet water may seem the job for 4×4 enthusiasts who

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Here’s how to know which oil is right for your car

Engine oils have a great impact on engine performance, fuel efficiency and engine life. Car owners in Pakistan usually do not consider this fact on every oil change. Car owners in Pakistan usually prefer certified and renowned oils regardless of their engine compatibility with oil. All certified and renowned engine oils are not suitable for

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