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The Amount Of Luck In This Video Is Too Damn High

I am sure many of us have seen those Russian dash cam videos full of devastating crashes caught on camera. After watching these videos one can easily understand that most of the times it’s the fault of that driver behind the wheel who makes unsafe maneuver resulting in a crash. Sadly, even after watching so many videos

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An owner’s take on the Toyota Corolla Altis Grande 6 speed M/T

The Toyota Corolla 2014 was the most awaited car of this year. The internet was full of Corolla photo’s from around the globe and everyone was confused what Toyota Indus had to offer to the Pakistani market. Gradually, the time came closer and news from many sources started leaking until the day it was finally


Hybrid Cars in Pakistan

The Mechanism of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid-Electric Vehicles (HEVs) mate the benefits of internal combustion engines and electric motors that can be configured to obtain different objectives such as improved fuel economy or increased performance to assist the car in driving conditions such as hill climbs and steep roads.
The HEV configuration allows a hybrid car to achieve performance, similar to a car

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2016 Lexus GS-F has less HP than BMW M5, E63 AMG and CTS-V

Lexus is Toyota’s weapon of choice in the premium/luxury car market and it has been quite successful over there but the German brands offer a distinct taste of motor sports pedigree in their daily driving cars which Lexus is trying to offer but so far, hasn’t been fairly threatning to the likes of BMW M5,