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You’ll be blogging as a part of Pakistan’s largest car enthusiast community at the PakWheels Blog. So as a PakWheels blogger you’ll be sharing your point of view with millions of people who visit PakWheels. Your posts must be your original work and not copied material from the Internet.
Please observe the following guidelines while writing for this medium:

  • Be creative, brief, professional and above all, be yourself
  • Only automotive related posts will be considered for the PakWheels blog
  • Stay on the topic and thoroughly research the content so you can come up with authentic information
  • Follow editorial & language standards
  • Produce debatable, tactful and open posts
  • Share your critical opinion on the automotive industry of Pakistan
  • Discuss events and exhibitions related to autos
  • Make formatted Microsoft Word documents with images, infographics, and videos.
  • Submit your writings to baber.khan@pakwheels.com for review
  • Your article should be focused on a specific topic
  • Your ideas for improvements in PakWheels Blog are always appreciated

While writing as a PakWheels blogger you are requested to avoid:

  • Grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Unlawful, unethical, defamatory, obscene and invasive material
  • Projection of a particular brand
  • Selling products
  • Unconfirmed announcements about automotive events, prices etc.
  • Content that is not relevant to Automotive Industry

Citation and Courtesy

While writing for PakWheels blog, you’ll be providing information with references. So give proper credit to the source and follow these guidelines:

  • Use quotation marks, block quotes, reference links to validate the information
  • Cite the title and date of the reference publications (if online link is not available)
  • Follow the copyright guidelines for images, videos and any other graphics i.e. take permission from photographers or cite the photographers for images
  • Provide source link for images and videos
  • Try to create your own creative media for posts
  • Link your previous posts and encourage comments and feedback at the end of your posts

Plagiarism (Copy/Paste articles)
We have strict protocols in place to identify articles that are plagiarised from other websites. Only one warning is issued to the writer who is found guilty of plagiarizing and is red flagged, he/she is banned on the next attempt.

An article has to reach a minimum of 1000 views to earn 250 Rs and if it crosses 1500 views, it’ll earn an additional 100 Rs and another 100 Rs when it crosses 2000 views.

500 – 1000 views: 250 rupees
1001 – 1999 views: 350 rupees
2000+ views: 450 rupees

Technical articles will receive a flat fee of 350 Rs per page, assuming 250 words is the length for an article with a standard font size of 12.

Pakwheels.com retains the right to cease the compensation if a writer or an article is found in violation of Pakwheels Blog’s rules.


As a PakWheels blogger feel confident in sharing your opinion. Please double check your posts for editorial formatting, grammar, and spellings.

Together we aspire to create the best quality information portal for Pakistan’s automobile sector.

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