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Get a realistic price estimate of a used car based on extensive market research.
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Know What's the Best Selling Price for Your Car

Know how much your car is worth with used car price valuation tool. It provides realistic price estimate that are based on extensive market research.

Disclaimer: Used car valuations are based on sophisticated algorithms, extensive research and market data collection. Actual prices may vary based on overall condition of car, extra modifications and market conditions or other circumstances pertinent to a particular car. PakWheels assumes no responsibility for errors and omissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

PakWheels car valuation tool suggests you the value of a used car based on car’s condition and different variables. The tool is based on thousands of car prices data points and suggests a market value of a car as accurately as possible. The tool is updated regularly with market price changes.
A lot of variables affect the sale price of a used car. The major factors affecting car price are as follows:
  • Overall condition
  • Model Year
  • Mileage
  • Color
  • Registration City
  • Extra modifications
PakWheels used car valuation tool approximates the condition of a used car based on the details entered by you. The tool assumes that the car is in good condition and tries to suggest a fair market price of the car.