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Pak Suzuki Motors Overview:

Suzuki is a Japanese multinational cooperation headquartered in Minami-ku, Japan. The automaker specializes in manufacturing 4x4 vehicles, motorcycles, ATV’s, sedans, hatchbacks, wheelchairs and a variety of other small internal combustion engine. Suzuki vehicles can be seen in almost every country in the world, particularly in the Asian continent. The image of Suzuki cars tends to be different in every market. Suzuki Bikes are also quite famous among its users.

Suzuki Pakistan:

Pak Suzuki motors, more commonly known as Suzuki Pakistan was formed as a joint venture between SMC (Suzuki Motor Corporation) and Pakistan Automobile Corporation. Suzuki Pakistan was enlisted as a public limited company in August 1983 and quickly moved on to start its financial operations in 1984.

History of Suzuki:

Suzuki history can be traced back to 1909 when the company entered the auto world. With more than 45,000 the company has massive operations. Suzuki was the 9th biggest automaker in the year 2011. Suzuki Pakistan, on the other hand, was established in the year 1983. Headquarter of Pak Suzuki is in Karachi, Pakistan. Most Suzuki cars in Pakistan are figured as overpriced but reliable because of every single part readily available in the market.

Performance and Technology in Suzuki vehicles:

Euro 2 is what Suzuki cars tend to have. Although Euro 2 is not technology but a standard, however, the aim is to reduce carbon emission. There is no rocket science found in Suzuki cars, and they are pretty simple to operate. Suzuki Swift can be nominated for the list of good performance although the chances of winning are few.  Suzuki Hybrid cars are not present in Pakistan as the market doesn't accept Suzuki with something above Mehran, Bolan and Suzuki.

Suzuki Car Prices in Pakistan:

There are plenty of different Suzuki dealers in Pakistan, and almost each, and everyone offers the same price for brand new cars. Suzuki dealers can be found in every corner of Pakistan, from Karachi to Quetta; you name the place, and the seller is present. There are two variants of Suzuki Cultus ranged from 1,094,000-1,169,000. Suzuki Bolan, widely known as Carry Dabba has two editions starting from 671,000 till 700,000. Suzuki APV GLX costs 2,418,000 where GLX (CNG) costs 2,294,000. Suzuki Jimny, compact beast, cost 2,293,000. Suzuki Swift ranges from 1,221,000-1,433,000. Suzuki Mehran starts from 630,000 till 753,000. Suzuki Vitara Starts from 34,000,00 till 37,00,000 Suzuki car price in 2018 has increased if you compare it to 2015. Suzuki car finance in Pakistan is commonly offered by banks and is widely practiced. Suzuki Mehran is the car which is mostly financed as it is mostly the first brand new car for those who previously owned a bike.

Popular Pak Suzuki Motors Models in Pakistan:

Suzuki cars for sale in Pakistan is tremendously high, the moment you put an ad, and you have a buyer standing however not every vehicle has such great responses. Suzuki Mehran, Cultus, Baleno, Bolan, FX Cars and Swift are the most popular models. However, if you are to select one Suzuki Vehicle, then it surely is Suzuki Mehran.

Availability of Suzuki Models in Pakistan:

Suzuki vehicles are readily seen and available in the market. All you need to do is just have some cash and within hours, you'll find the desired vehicle. It is said that Suzuki Mehran is a white cash vehicle where you can cash it the very moment you want. Suzuki Dealers are present all around Pakistan ready to give services.

Final Statement on Suzuki:

Three words; Reliable, Good resale and readily available. At PakWheels users can find Suzuki car pictures, latest and old models available in Pakistan.

Suzuki Models

  • New Suzuki Alto

    Suzuki Alto 2020

    PKR 12.0 - 16.0 lacs
    92 Reviews
    3,170 Used Suzuki Alto for Sale
  • New Suzuki Cultus

    Suzuki Cultus 2020

    PKR 17.5 - 19.9 lacs
    182 Reviews
    4,015 Used Suzuki Cultus for Sale
  • New Suzuki Wagon R

    Suzuki Wagon R 2020

    PKR 16.1 - 18.9 lacs
    102 Reviews
    2,032 Used Suzuki Wagon R for Sale
  • New Suzuki APV

    Suzuki APV 2020

    PKR 34.6 - 34.6 lacs
    8 Reviews
    81 Used Suzuki APV for Sale
  • New Suzuki Bolan

    Suzuki Bolan 2020

    PKR 10.4 - 11.0 lacs
    7 Reviews
    1,618 Used Suzuki Bolan for Sale
  • New Suzuki Ciaz

    Suzuki Ciaz 2020

    PKR 23.0 - 25.0 lacs
    29 Reviews
    36 Used Suzuki Ciaz for Sale
  • New Suzuki Jimny

    Suzuki Jimny 2020

    PKR 39.9 - 39.9 lacs
    5 Reviews
    119 Used Suzuki Jimny for Sale
  • New Suzuki Mega Carry Xtra

    Suzuki Mega Carry Xtra 2020

    PKR 13.0 - 13.0 lacs
    0 Reviews
    7 Used Suzuki Mega Carry Xtra for Sale
  • New Suzuki Ravi

    Suzuki Ravi 2020

    PKR 10.0 - 10.0 lacs
    2 Reviews
    367 Used Suzuki Ravi for Sale
  • New Suzuki Swift

    Suzuki Swift 2020

    PKR 20.0 - 21.4 lacs
    130 Reviews
    979 Used Suzuki Swift for Sale
  • New Suzuki Vitara

    Suzuki Vitara 2020

    PKR 55.0 - 55.0 lacs
    10 Reviews
    54 Used Suzuki Vitara for Sale

Suzuki Imported Models

  • New Suzuki Alto

    Suzuki Alto 2020

    92 Reviews
    3,170 Used Suzuki Alto for Sale
  • New Suzuki Wagon R

    Suzuki Wagon R 2020

    102 Reviews
    2,032 Used Suzuki Wagon R for Sale
  • New Suzuki Swift

    Suzuki Swift 2020

    130 Reviews
    979 Used Suzuki Swift for Sale

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Suzuki Reviews

Mehran is one of the most successful model of Suzuki. Its a car that is mostly seen on Pakistan roads. Almost 70 percent of the car is manufactured in Pakistan. Why this car is very popular and su...

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