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2005 - 2016 ( 11th Generation )

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Suzuki Every Overview

The 11th Generation Suzuki Every was introduced in 2005. The 11th Generation Suzuki Every is a front engine front/four wheel drive kei car. The 11th Generation Suzuki Every features an updated design language compared to the previous 10th Generation Suzuki Every. Production of the Suzuki Every 11th Generation has been ongoing for over 11 years, the Suzuki Every was and is available to purchase during the years 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and the year 2015.


The exterior of 11th Generation Suzuki Every features a classic Kei car design language. The front end houses rectangular side swept headlights, a small grille with dual intakes and triple air intakes. The sides houses are sliding doors. The rear end houses small low mounted rectangular taillights and a standard case hatchback. The overall exterior of the 11th Generation Suzuki Every features a fairly boxy and flat design language with a series of modern and unique styling cues. All variants of the Suzuki Every feature identical styling in every aspect.


The interior of the 11th Generation Suzuki Every features black and beige plastic trim pieces. The front and rear seats are covered in fabric. Standard features on the GA include air conditioning stereo speaker system and a tachometer. Features on the higher end PA include power steering. Features on the higher end PC include power lock doors and keyless entry. Features on the highest end Join and Join Turbo variant include power windows, reclining and removable rear seats and air conditioning. Options include leather upholstery. The overall interior of the 11th Generation Suzuki Every is spacious in both the front and rear for a mini MPV of its exterior dimensions, but it falls on aspects such as interior comfort and refinement.


0.66 Liter SOHC 12 Valve Inline-3

5-Speed Manual
CVT Automatic Transmission


The Suzuki Every 11th Generation can achieve an average of up to 24KM/L making for an estimated driving range of up to 960KM from the mini MPV,s 40 Liter fuel tank.


The main competitors of the 11th Generation Suzuki Every 11th is Suzuki Bolan.


0.66 Liter SOHC 12 Valve Inline-3 49bhp@5800RPM

Pros & Cons

Very Economical
Fairly Small exterior dimensions 
Spacious interior 

Lack of spare parts
Expensive maintenance

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Suzuki Every Reviews

best family car

Posted by AYYAN KHAN on Mar 11, 2015

Best family van with best fuel economy Suzuki every can also be used for loading because it's rear seats folds. Best class safety features like dual are bags seat belt indicater the engine is sma...

its just AMAZING

Posted by Zaryab Faisal on Nov 20, 2014

interior = 4/5 exterior = 4/5 comfort = 4/5 fuel economy = .. idont know yet because purchased yesterday :P but i think it will not be so h bad .. and interior ...