How Do You Want To Sell Your Car?

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to our past data, it takes a couple of days or even hours to sell a car. The price, pictures and description decides how soon you can sell your car. Get your ad featured to sell it even faster. Check out PakWheels Used Car Selling Guide for more information.
You can reach out to millions of genuine buyers by simply posting an ad on PakWheels. You can post a free ad and sell your car within hours. Get genuine offers from verified buyers.
Post detailed description including condition of the car, mileage, service history, documents and ownership details etc. Upload good quality pictures and set a fair price based on market value. is the best site to sell cars online in Pakistan. It has millions of verified buyers and tons of other car selling features including PakWheels Sell it For Me, used car price calculator.
Know how much your car is worth with our used car price calculator tool. It provides a realistic price estimate that is based on extensive market research.
In PakWheels Sell It For Me, PakWheels takes over and sells your car with a money back guarantee. We will inspect the car, put up an Ad with pictures, make a deal within 45 days and handle the paperwork for you. Moreover, under this service, the Ad is featured and will remain at the top of search lists, which attracts more buyers.

Used Car Selling Tips and Advices


How To Sell A Used Car Quickly- Complete Guide!

Selling a used car is not an easy job these days. When you consult a dealership, they suggest you a less comparative price than the market, which is less than you expected. It can easily disappoint you to a great extent. Don’t get into any...
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5 Things You Should Take Care Of Before Selling Your Car

We all talk about the things you must check before buying a used car. But let’s talk about things you should do before selling your car. If you are selling it on the basis of ‘as it is’ and have mentioned it in the ad as well, then no point...
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Here Are Common Mistakes In Selling Of Used Cars

Pakwheels is a common user based community emphasizing on helping each other out and diminishing the risk of being conned by showroom owners/mechanics/spare parts dealers. Many of us already know about used car market...
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