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Why Sell Your Car on PakWheels?

Post Your Ad for Free
Post Your Ad for Free

Post your ad on Pakistan’s largest automotive marketplace.

Cars Get Sold in No Time
Cars Get Sold in No Time

100,000+ buyers visit the website daily.

Best Rates for Used Cars
Best Rates for Used Cars

Buyers willing to pay more for Pre-Inspected & Certified Cars.

Feature Your Ad
Feature Your Ad

Featured Ads get cars sold quickly.

5 Simple Steps To Sell A Car

1 Sign up on PakWheels & Post an Ad
2 Provide necessary details about your used car
3 Upload clear photos of your car
4 Provide your contact information
5 Relax & get instant offers from genuine buyers

Interesting Tips

Watch Our Guide For Selling a Car

Used Car Selling Tips and Advices


How To Sell a Used Car Quickly- A Complete Guide!

Selling a used car is not an easy job these days. When you consult a dealership, they suggest you a less comparative price than the market, which is less than you expected. It can easily disappoint you to a great extent. Don’t get into any trap of selling your car...
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5 Things You Should Take Care Of Before Selling Your Car

We all talk about the things you must check before buying a used car. But let’s talk about things you should do before selling car in pakistan. If you are selling it on the basis of ‘as it is’ and have mentioned it in the ad as well, then no point doing anything to...
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Here’s How You Can Contact PakWheels Services

So you have decided to sell your car online, but you are thinking about how to create an effective ad that will make your car stand out from the crowd. Setting up a good ad for your car requires a lot of time and effort, but that time and effort will be worth it, as, in the end, you can earn quite a good price for your car.
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FAQs about selling cars

According to our past data, it takes a couple of days or even hours to sell a car. The price, pictures and description decides how soon you can sell your car. Get your ad featured to sell it even faster. Check out PakWheels Used Car Selling Guide for more information.
Go to & post a free ad to sell your car online. PakWheels connects you to millions of buyers easily and quickly from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is post a free ad to sell your car, put up a reasonable price and that’s it! You will get genuine offers from verified buyers.
Post detailed description including condition of the car, mileage, service history, documents and ownership details etc. Upload good quality pictures and set a fair price based on market value. is the best site to sell cars online in Pakistan. It has millions of verified buyers and tons of other car selling features including PakWheels Sell it For Me, used car price calculator.
It is easier to get a better price for your car if you repair it before selling. Identifying major and minor damages to the car and getting them repaired can restore and increase the value of your car. This will allow you to get a much better price for your car than you could get before repairing it.
In PakWheels Sell It For Me, PakWheels takes over and sells your car with a money back guarantee. We will inspect the car, put up an Ad with pictures, make a deal within 45 days and handle the paperwork for you. Moreover, under this service, the Ad is featured and will remain at the top of search lists, which attracts more buyers.

Sell Used Car Online in Pakistan

Selling a used car in Pakistan can be time-taking, tiring and challenging, especially if you have to do it alone. PakWheels is here to help you sell your car in Pakistan easily and quickly. You can follow this simple guide while selling your car:

  1. Evaluate Your Car: 

It is important to know what your car is actually worth, and for that, you need to inspect your vehicle in detail. From the condition of its external body to its engine, you need to do a thorough check-up of your car and estimate its price. We acknowledge the necessity of this task and that it can be time-consuming, so we provide Car Inspection Services. Our car inspection team will arrive at your location, examine your car to the smallest detail and provide an inspection report with complete details of your car. 

  1. Setting the Right Price: 

After your car has been evaluated, you can determine at what price you want to sell it. The price you set must not be too low, or you will not get what your car is actually worth. Similarly, your price should not be too high, or it will be challenging to find buyers. 

  1. Advertise Your Car: 

To find buyers for your used car in Pakistan, you need to advertise your car. There are several platforms on print and electronic media. The most efficient way would be to advertise on an online platform where buyers can explore their options, such as PakWheels. Using PakWheels can make the process of selling your car in Pakistan convenient and quick. - The Best Online Car Selling Site

PakWheels is a platform that connects car sellers and buyers online for free! Sellers can post ads of their cars where buyers can easily see information on their cars and then contact them. Advertising your car on PakWheels can get your car sold for the best deal within a few weeks. It is convenient, quick and reliable.

Here are two ways you can sell your car via PakWheels:

  1. Post an Ad for Free to Sell a Car

Sell a Car is PakWheel’s free service where you can easily advertise your car on our website or app. All you have to do is post an ad with the pictures of your car and set a price- all from the comfort of your own home. Your ad will be seen by thousands of PakWheels users and you will be quickly contacted by buyers. After that, all you have to do is settle on a good deal and say goodbye to your old car. Yes, it’s that simple!

  1. Use PakWheels “Sell It For Me” Service

If you are on a tight schedule and can’t even find time for taking pictures of your car and putting up an ad, then this service is for you! Sell It For Me is PakWheels premium service where all you have to do is fill out a form and let our team take care of the rest. Our team will inspect your car, create a report of your car’s condition, determine a price, take pictures of your car and put up a featured ad on our website. Our team will be in contact with the buyers and will secure the best deal for you with your approval. And just like that, your car will be sold within 40 days without you doing anything!

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