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Posted by Mohammad Taahaa Rashid on Oct 18, 2016

1)This bike is THE MOST beautiful local motorbike in Pakistan. 2)The comfort is even better than suzuki gs 150. But for more comfort this bike misses counter weights. 3)This bike can go to speeds higher than 120 km/h if the running is done VERY carefully i.e below 4000 rpm till 500 km. If not then this bike becomes crap! 4)This bike misses some key accessories such...

Posted by Alee Ammar on Oct 14, 2016

The bike graphics are quite attractive. It gives me a fuel economy around 40 km per ltr. Overall its performance is quite good. I must say that this bike is a true competitor of Yamaha Dhoom 70 cc. Low in price but almost same performance. Spare parts are easily available in every city.

Posted by ara200427 on Oct 12, 2016

Worst bike ever seen. I was thinking to bile before which i thought to have test drive with the bike of a colleague. Just at the speed of 40+ , you would have so much vibrations on your foot rest that you would feel like an earthquake. Kick is also very hard. Bike is full of noises and vibrations. Never buy this bike. Just waste of money

Posted by Aghaa Ahmed on Oct 07, 2016

Once I sold my old SP2012 , I certainly urge to buy another new SP2016 . I was shocked that in start there are two problems in motorcycle (and other customer complaining it too). 1. Chain making continuous noise ( even after tightening) 2. Wheels are out (needs wheel through) and tyre is bent. I changed tyre myself because CSR is not entertaining me and there are a lot...

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