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Posted by Anonymous on Jan 15, 2018

Looks great, economical. great millage , smooth ride. W.ould prefer alloy rim tires but still an overall marvelous piece. Fuel tank meter could have improved... Would recommend 100 percent to people who are looking to invest money in 150cc bike.

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 14, 2018

Major problem in this bike is it is not comfort with pakistani speed brakers even speed braker is tooo small and this problem in suzuki bike since 1980 but there is no action about it by this reason we love honda ,,,, I bought suzuki GP 100 bike in 1984 and it has same problem as suzuki 110

Posted by Anonymous on Jan 12, 2018

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Posted by Badar Ul Hassan Qureshi on Jan 08, 2018

Best Look Best Performance Best ride but now i am facing some serious problems with rpm when on ride rpm stuck at until i press clutch & it is become serious when on 8 k rpm with 100 kmh speed , i leave throttle but rpm doesn't return and bike goes with the same power until press clutch or apply brakes i noticed it first after washed once , at that time ...

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