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Changan Cars in Pakistan

Changan Pakistan
Changan is a Chinese Brand for cars that deals in single cabin and double cabin pickups and Vans.Chang'an Automobile Co Ltd is an automobile manufacturer headquartered in Chongqing, China, and a state-owned enterprise. Its production is primarily composed of no-frills passenger cars and microvans, small trucks and vans for commercial use

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  • Changan V101 Sedan

    The Changan V101 is equipped with Chana Landwind Fenghua's 1.5L engine, an all-aluminum four cylinder in-line engine developed jointly by Changan Auto and German FEV Company. The engine, wh...

    121 replies 2009-10-14T03:57:00+06:00

  • Changan Zhi Xiang CV8

    The Changan Zhi Xiang formerly code named as CV8 is the newest addition to the Changan lineup.. It comes with engine options ranging from 1.4l to 1.6l and 2.0l Turbo engine, the 1.4 & 1...

    46 replies 2010-01-23T01:53:00+05:00

  • Changan BenBen Mini- the cheapest car in China

    Suzuki have undergone a technology transfer with their Chinese joint venture partner Changan, after which Changan have build their own super mini car. The Changan BenBen Mini is based on ...

    38 replies 2010-04-10T06:58:18+05:00

  • Changan Auto to open 100 car supermarkets in 2010

    Shanghai, July 30 ( China's major automaker Changan Auto currently opened a car supermarket in the country's capital city Beijing. In view of the advantages of lower investment...

    11 replies 2010-07-31T11:26:57+05:00

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