Mitsubishi Minica 2011 Price in Pakistan, Pictures and Reviews

( 8th Generation )

Mitsubishi Minica Overview

The 8th Generation Mitsubishi Minica was introduced in 1998. The Mitsubishi Minica is a front engine front/four wheel drive compact kei car. The Mitsubishi Minica 8th Generation featured an updated design language and an optional four wheel drive system to take advantage of the new Japanese regulations regarding the criteria’s for kei cars. The Mitsubishi Minica 1998 was available in 2 versions 4-door hatchback and 5-door sedan. The Mitsubishi Minica was available in 4 variants Ce, Cf, Pg and Pj. Production of the 8th Generation Mitsubishi Minica lasted for 14 years the Mitsubishi Minica was available to purchase in the years 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and the year 2011. The price of the Mitsubishi Minica 1998 was competitive when compared with other cars for the same price and type available in the local market.


The exterior of the 8th Generation Mitsubishi Minica features a fairly restrained and minimalistic design language. The front end houses angular rectangular styled side swept headlights, a small rectangular grille with quad inlets and a rectangular air intake. The rear end houses rectangular stacked side swept taillights. The sedan version of the Mitsubishi Minica 1998 features rectangular side swept taillights and an outward sticking bumper. The overall exterior of the 1998 Mitsubishi Minica features fairly familiar styling for a kei car design in the late nineties.


The interior of the 1998 Mitsubishi Minica feature beige plastic trim pieces. The front and rear seats are covered in fabric. Standard features include power windows, power mirrors, power lock doors, power steering, trip computer, stereo speaker audio system and a tachometer. Features on the higher end Pg and Pj feature a sunroof and automatic climate control. The overall interior of the Mitsubishi Minica 8th Generation features a good amount of interior space for a compact kei car of its exterior dimensions.


0.66 Liter DOHC 12 Valve Inline-3

4-Speed Manual Transmission
5-Speed Manual Transmission
3-Speed Automatic Transmission
4-Speed Automatic Transmission


The Mitsubishi Minica 8th Generation able to achieve an average of up to 16KM/L making for an estimated driving range of up to 450KM from the compact kei cars 30-liter fuel tank.


The main competitors of the Mitsubishi Minica 1998 are the Mazda Carol, Suzuki Carol, Nissan Otti, Mitsubishi ek and Daihatsu Mira.


0.66 Liter DOHC 12 Valve Inline-3 [email protected]

Pros And Cons

Small exterior dimensions
Fairly spacious
FWD as standard while AWD can be had as an option

Lack of spare parts
Expensive maintenance

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Mitsubishi Minica Reviews

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