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In 1954 the new Mitsubishi Shoji was founded, and that same year was listed on both the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges. In 1967, the company announced its first management plan.In 1971, the company made "Mitsubishi Corporation" its official English name.

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  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries or Mitsubishi Mr. Slim?

    I am planning to get a new air conditioner. I was planning on getting Mitsubishi Mr. Slim, but a close friend has said the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries AC is better than Mr Slim. If ...

    36 replies 2012-03-12T04:07:12+05:00

  • Which one to buy: Mitsubishi Mr. Slim or Mitsubishi Electric or Gree?

    Salam everyone, I'm planning to buy a new split (1 ton) and would like to know which one is the best? Right now I am confused between Mitsubishi Mr. Slim, Mitsubishi Heavy Industrie...

    22 replies 2015-06-20T20:43:41+05:00

  • Mitsubishi Electric or Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ac

    Dear friends. I am confused between Mitsubishi Electric which is sold by Orient and the imported one which goes by name Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. I want a 1.5 ton a/c. There is almost sa...

    5 replies 2014-03-24T14:48:49+05:00

  • Any one selling Mitsubishi-Lancer GL

    i need 2 buy mitsubishi lancer GL 1300cc 2006-2007 models in any colour low mileage ...karachi rigerstered

    8 replies 2008-07-25T10:23:00+06:00

  • Mitsubishi-PSA 4x4 deal finalised

    Mitsubishi and PSA Peugeot-Citroen signed a deal today for joint development of new 4x4 models. As we reported earlier this week, the deal will provide a lifeline for struggling Mitsubishi,...

    1 reply 2006-01-29T05:22:00+05:00

Mitsubishi Reviews

No fuel economy with weight

Posted by SAMI UR REHMAN on May 22, 2014

I almost bought one once I was selling my alto VXR, it has great features but some how the other it just doesn't give the fuel to size to power ratio. The engines are designed to carry a two adults...

Its a comfortable Key car

Posted by Umar on Apr 28, 2015

I had it for couple of years and it was a great experience, very comfortable driving seat and driving position is also good better than local cars. Car drive smoothly and its an economical car, i u...