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Range Rover, which is a product of Land Rover was launched as a different type of SUV than the original Land Rovers. The first Range Rover was produced in 1970 and was known as the Range Rover ‘Classic’. It was introduced to compete in with the Japanese SUV’s, which were gaining popularity throughout the world. The Range Rover Classic also made its way to Pakistan, and it was imported by Government and Military personnel for use. Range Rover in Pakistan was not highly priced as there were no strict and highly priced custom duty rules and regulations in that era. The second generation Range Rover was introduced in 1996 which was liked by people all over the world and it was imported in Pakistan via the Sigma Motors, which are the authorized dealership of Land Rover and Range Rover in Pakistan. Later, the third generation Range Rover was introduced which had an even bigger impact on the market and was widely sold in Pakistan. Recently, Range Rover has introduced the fourth generation Range Rover under the ownership of Tata Motors India. The latest Range Rover is a bizarre piece of craftsmanship and is appreciated all over the world, including Pakistan where the increasing number of New Range Rover can be seen. Today, the Range Rover 2015 available in Pakistan is the Range Rover Vogue, Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Evoque. The estimated Range Rover price in Pakistan starts from 17 million PKR and goes up to 35 million PKR for the most expensive models. There has been a significant change in Range Rover 2014 prices due to strict and high custom duties. The Range Rover are imported in Pakistan via Sigma Motors. Range Rover is gaining popularity in Pakistan due to its distinct design, luxury and above par performance. Authorized dealership and workshops relieves the worry of Range Rover owners in Pakistan by providing quality maintenance and repair jobs.

Range Rover Car Prices in Pakistan:

Range Rover Cars are also widely available in used conditions starting from PKR 3,300,000 for a used Range Rover Classic to PKR 85,000,000 for a used Range Rover Autobiography. There are a total of 86 Range Rover Cars available for sale in Pakistan on PakWheels.

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Its a pretty machine I give it that, but Range Rover aint supposed to be pretty!!!!!! Its supposed to be a sophisticated fusion of a musician's & a brawlers DNA not a ladies vanity box! I am surpri...

the exterior looks great the interior has a nice feel to it but its so expensive because in the uk it goes for about 8560881 pakistani rupees it feels really smooth because i have a range rover ...

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