Mitsubishi Pajero 2022

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  • Transmission Automatic
  • Fuel Type Petrol & Diesel
  • Engine 2972 cc to 3200 cc

Mitsubishi Pajero Price in Pakistan

Variants Price*

Mitsubishi Pajero GR 3.0

2972 cc, Automatic, Petrol

Mitsubishi Pajero GR 3.2D

3200 cc, Automatic, Diesel

Mitsubishi Pajero VR 3.0 (3-Door)

2972 cc, Automatic, Petrol

Mitsubishi Pajero VR 3.2D (3-Door)

3200 cc, Automatic, Diesel

*Starting price for a used variant

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Mitsubishi Pajero Overview

The fourth generation Mitsubishi Pajero was launched at the Paris Auto Show on September 30th, 2006. 2015 Mitsubishi Pajero is the flagship SUV by Mitsubishi Motors and comes in both 3-door and 5-door version. The 5-door version comes with GLS, GLX Package, and GL variants. 3-door comes in GLS, GLX Package.


The fourth generation as a whole wasn’t much different from the last models of the 3rd generation. The design around the wheel arches is the same except the 3rd generation had wider and flared look. The Mitsubishi Pajero 2015 received an updated front end (fascia and front grille) before it went on sale. LED daylight running lights were added with a new spare tire cover. The 5-door version still has the laid back stance yet aerodynamic body design and bulging lower half. The front headlights and grille form a smooth semi-wrapped panel.


Depending upon the number of doors, the interior design, fabric and color scheme differ. The Mitsubishi Mini Pajero 3-door has regular gray fabric seats along with the usual gray dashboard with the hints of wood printed patterns. The 5-door has the overall beige interior tones. The GLS and GLX 5-doors come with beige fabric seats and two-tone black and gray dashboard, but the basic GL version has the regular gray seats and dashboard. The GLS and GLX are loaded with most of the modern technologies like SAT-NAV, parking sensors, keyless entry, the multimedia system (12-speaker system also available as an upgrade) etc. See our used cars section for Mitsubishi Mini Pajero price in Pakistan.


3.8-liter 24-valve V6 MIVEC SOHC
3.5-liter 24-valve V6 SOHC ECI-MULTI (3-door only)
3.2-liter 16-valve intercooled turbocharged DOHC Common Rail DI-D
3.0-liter 24-valve V6 SOHC (5-door only)
2.8-liter 8-valve intercooled turbocharged SOHC diesel (5-door only)

5-speed manual
5-speed and 4-speed auto


Fuel Tank = 88 liters (5-door) and 69 liters (3-door)
9-liter/100 kilometer for DOHC diesel engine
Fuel consumption pajero is 2.5km/ 1 litre Diesel


Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol

Pros & Cons

Modern engine technology (few variants)

Not a competitive off-roader
Basic interior (3-door)
Underpowered (2.8-liter 8-valve intercoole

Mitsubishi Pajero Colors

  • Bluish Black Pearl

  • Jungle Green

  • Kinetic Yellow

  • Silky Silver Metallic

  • Superior White

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Mitsubishi Pajero FAQs

The minimum price of a used Mitsubishi Pajero is PKR 700000
There are 18 variants of Mitsubishi Pajero which are Evolution, Exceed 2.4, Exceed 2.5D, Exceed 2.8D, Exceed 3.5, Exceed Automatic 2.8D, GLS 2.8D, GLS 3.5, GLX 2.8D, GLX 3.2D, GLX 3.5, GR 3.0, GR 3.2D, Short ZR, Super Exceed 3.0, VR 3.0 (3-Door), VR 3.2D (3-Door), Wide ZR.
The overall rating of Mitsubishi Pajero is 4/5 based on:
  • Style 4-rating
  • Comfort 4-rating
  • Fuel Economy 4-rating
  • Performance 5-rating
  • Value for Money 5-rating

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