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Mazda is a famous Japanese automobile manufacturer based in Fuchu, Japan. From commercial vehicles, to smaller Kei cars, Mazda has a diverse lineup catering consumers from every segment. In the year 2020 alone, Mazda sold more than 700,000 units worldwide.

In the Pakistani car market, however, Mazda has never officially manufactured or imported any passenger vehicles. In the 1970s, a private manufacturer by the name of Sindh Engineering began production of Mazda trucks in a joint venture with Mazda Motor Corporation. The production ended in 2003.

History of Mazda

Mazda started off as a cork manufacturing company which later shifted to machine tools and three wheel rickshaws. During World War II, Mazda manufactured weapons for the German military. Their first proper motor vehicle was launched in 1960 by the name of R360. This was a two seat passenger car aimed at the Kei segment. 

A major source of fame for the company came in the form of Mazda Rx7, a front engined sports car with rear wheel drive making nearly 100 hp. The car was famous throughout its lifetime with numerous generations being featured in blockbuster movies.

Rx7 and its successor Rx8 remain among popular Mazda models imported in Pakistan by enthusiasts. Despite reliability concerns, the driving pleasure of the rotary engine coupled with rear wheel drive has remained a massive selling point. 

Popular Models in Pakistan


Mazda Rx7, first introduced in 1978, is still a head turner for its rotary engine, rear wheel drive, and sleek styling. In Pakistan, various generations of the model were imported. Second and third generations were the most popular ones. 

On one end, the driving pleasure was a one up for any enthusiast. On the other, complications associated with the rotary design made the car a tough one to maintain. The car shipped with turbocharged engines producing up to 252 hp. A large number of enthusiasts later modified their engines for a higher output.


The Rx8 was meant to replace its popular predecessor Rx7. The car had a naturally aspirated 1.3L engine without any turbos. This lack of power through the turbos disappointed the enthusiasts and became a reason for decline in fame. Many Rx8 units were imported by enthusiasts in Pakistan. Unfortunately to their disappointment, Rx8 required constant attention and was not easy to maintain. 

Availability of Mazda Cars in Pakistan

Officially, Mazda never sold any passenger vehicles in Pakistan. Cars were imported in a large number and are still available for sale in the used market. From 1980s to late 2000s, there are several Mazda cars for sale on

Resale of Mazda Cars in Pakistan

Rx7 is still very popular among car enthusiasts. Rx8 too, despite its issues, enjoys a decent resale value.


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