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2013 - 2017 ( 1st Generation )

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  • Mitsubishi Ek Custom 2014 - Need Air Filter, Fuel Injectors etc

    Salam, I have Mitsubishi Ek Custom 2014, similar to Nissan Dayz and I am looking for its maintenance parts specifically air filter and fuel injectors. Can anyone let me know...

    3 replies 2016-04-19T03:50:39+05:00

  • My Ek custom 2013 remote is lost

    Ive lost my Ek customs 2013 remote and its push start but the car is unregistered it's also for sale but if anyone of you guys know any solution about it then please share

    1 reply 2016-03-24T17:35:35+05:00

  • Mitsubishi eK Wagon Fan Club

    Salam to all,I am looking for new JDM car, today i saw 2014 Honda N-WGN Custom (pic below) 7660 KM driven and front fender is touched (but the dealer said its repaired in Japan). The ca...

    666 replies 2013-04-03T14:49:38+05:00

  • Auction Sheet Verification in Pakistan (3 months and more than 3 Months)

    plz sir verify this mitsubishi ek custom

    3991 replies 2015-04-01T13:01:22+05:00

  • Mira ES Fan Club

    I will be selling my es soon and will be getting hands over ek custom! It has started to give some problems...

    2570 replies 2013-10-28T15:22:30+05:00

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