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Fiat is the largest Italian car maker and became part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in 2014. Fiat’s history is long and rich. The first car produced by FIAT (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino) was back in 1899. Fiat’s main market has always been European countries, and now China is its target market as well considering Fiat is mainly renowned for making small city cars and China has its own problems regarding its national auto population. Fiat developed Viaggio with its local Chinese counterpart GAC, specifically for China based on Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Back in 1918 when Fiat made its first plant in Italy, it was Europe’s largest car maker. Fiat, as a group, owns other car companies as well, and Ferrari is one of those companies. Chrysler filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and Fiat stepped in to save the company. Since it’s joining hands with Chrysler Group, the Fiat cars list include companies like: · Fiat · Alfa Romeo · Ferrari · Maserati · Chrysler · Dodge · Jeep · Ram As mentioned above, Fiat itself specializes in small city cars. Fiat Cars like Fiat 500 holds an iconic status among cars of all times. Fiat discontinued production of Fiat 500 in 1975 but then years later in 2007, designed and developed the latest generation of the legendary car. Other than Fiat 500, Fiat cars like Fiat Punto, Fiat Panda, Fiat Freemont etc are being made and sold in USA and Eu. Fiat also makes a long wheelbase version of its 500, called Fiat 500L. Fiat cars have always been known to be easy to maintain and fun to drive. Fiat produces tractors in Pakistan in collaboration with a local assembler. But for now, Fiat cars in Pakistan is a dream that won’t be coming true anytime soon.

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