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Volkswagen Cars in Pakistan

Volkswagen Pakistan

Volkswagen is a German car maker that was established in 1946 as the result of People’s Car Project initiated by German Labour Front in early 1930s. The then German leader Adolf Hitler also got involved in the project and ordered for a car that could carry 2 adults along with three children at 60 mph. Volkswagen is now one of the sub-brands of Volkswagen Group that was formed back in 1975, along with names like Audi and Lamborghini to name a few. Volkswagen vw is now the second-largest automaker in the world. The Volkswagen Beetle, the brainchild of Hitler, ended up becoming one of the best selling cars of all times. By 1973, total production of Beetle went over 16 million units and became the world’s single most produced car. From the end of the World War II to late 1960, Volkswagen became a symbol of emerging West Germany. From 2000 and onwards, the design language of the company completely changed and Volkswagen introduced all sorts of models, and shifted its focus on producing environmentally friendly diesel Volkswagen cars. Although that didn’t last long when they started using a cheat software to cheat the emissions tests all over the world. Volkswagen Pakistan Volkswagen also showed its interest in selling its products here in Pakistan. The representatives of Volkswagen cars met officials of Pakistan government and talked about the plans regarding selling Volkswagen cars in Pakistan. It would be interesting to see the Volkswagen cars prices in Pakistan when they are launched finally. But since they got caught, it is possible the plans to launch here will be delayed until they completely clean their act. Volkswagen imported cars are not quite seen on the roads of Pakistan currently. Volkswagen car models that would make sense to bring to Pakistan include cars like Volkswagen Polo and Golf. They are small and can be priced competitively.

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