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Fiat Punto EVO 2018 Prices in Pakistan, Pictures and Reviews

( 3rd Generation )

Fiat Punto EVO


  • My local view

    2014 FIAT(India) Punto Evo Fancy a Punto Evo , mate?. I do and the price is right too. So, what's stopping FIAT from becoming a chart buster in the world's 6th largest car market li...

    1364 replies 2012-06-02T16:28:34+05:00

  • Season discounts/offers and promotions

    All new FIAT Punto Evo launched today <img sr...

    614 replies 2012-07-04T04:25:23+05:00

  • WTB a new car. Your suggestions and inputs welcome

    This is the car i'm thinking of replacing ,my WagonR Stingray of almost two year vintage. I like the car a lot but i like change too. My initial idea was to replace this car with a more pow...

    65 replies 2015-08-25T17:43:26+05:00

  • Hilarious Tunnel Burnouts and Powersliding Supercars + Exotics!

    // Monza 30/01/2010 SpeedDay Japan and American style. After every SpeedDay event which take place at the Monza racetrack, there's...

    1 reply 2011-02-01T10:32:10+05:00

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