Suzuki Margalla 1998 Prices in Pakistan, Pictures and Reviews

( 1st Generation )

Suzuki Margalla

Suzuki Margalla Overview

The 1st Generation Suzuki Margalla was introduced in 1992.Suzuki Margalla is a front engine front wheel drive subcompact sedan. The 1st Generation Margalla is essentially a modified version of the Suzuki Cultus Hatchback in a sedan form. The 1st Generation Suzuki Margalla was initially launched by Pak Suzuki Motors in Pakistan under chassis code SF310 under the name “Suzuki Sedan”. Pak Suzuki halted the production of Suzuki Margalla in 1998.The price of the 1st Generation Suzuki Margalla was fairly competitive when compared to other cars in the same class available in the local market.


Suzuki Margalla features a minimalistic design language. The front end houses trapezium styled side swept headlights, a rectangular grille, a curved outward sticking black colored bumper and an air intake. The rear end houses long horizontal rectangular taillights that run the length of the trunk and an outward sticking black colored bumper. All variants of the Suzuki Margalla feature identical styling in every aspect. The overall exterior of the 1st Generation Suzuki Margalla features a fairly restrained design language that is familiar for a sedan designed in the early nineties.


The interior of the 1st Generation Suzuki Margalla comprises of grey plastic trim pieces. The front and rear seats are covered in fabric. Standard features on the GL include, stereo speaker audio system, tachometer and manual windows. Features on the GL Plus include air conditioning, power lock doors and power windows. Majority of all controls in the Suzuki Margalla are finished in black plastic and are operated manually. The overall interior of the 1st Generation Suzuki Margalla features a good amount of interior space considering the compact sedans relatively small exterior dimensions, though it offers a below par level of comfort and interior refinement.


1.3 Liter SOHC 8 Valve Inline-4

5-Speed Manual Transmission


The 1st Generation Suzuki Margalla is able to achieve an average of 9KM/K making for an estimated range of 270KM from its 30-liter fuel tank.


The main rivals of the 1st Generation Suzuki Margalla are the Honda Civic, Honda City, Suzuki Cultus and the Toyota Corolla.


1.3 Liter SOHC 8 Valve Inline-4 60bhp@5100RPM

Pros & Cons

Spacious interior 
Spacious boot capacity 
Effective air-conditioning capabilities. 

Non-rigid body and chassis
Underpowered engine


Suzuki Margalla Reviews

Good car with low price between 3-5 lac containing good back space and also with 1.3 engine and with manageable air conditioner providing 8-10km average and availability of body parts including int...

Very good exterior, fully original interior, average fuel in 11-13km/h, excelent performance low maintenance also low cost of parts. i own this car looks beautiful and and drive is very sm...

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