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2004 - 2016 ( 5th Generation )

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Toyota Hiace Overview

The 5th Generation Toyota Hiace was introduced in 2004. The 2004 Hiace is a mid-engine front/four wheel drive light commercial vehicle. The 5th Generation Toyota Hiace is available in 2 body styles standard and Mid-roof.


The exterior of 2004 Hiace features a boxy van-like design. The front end house rectangular side swept headlights, a rectangular grille and dual air intakes. The rear houses stacked trapezium styled stacked vertical side swept taillights and a standard case tailgate.


The interior of the 5th Generation Toyota Hiace compromises of dark grey plastic trim pieces. The seats are covered in fabric. Standard features include air conditioning, power steering, power windows, tachometer and a stereo speaker system. Options include satellite navigation and cruise control.


2.7 Liter DOHC 16 Valve VVT-I Inline-4
3.0 Liter OHC 8 Valve Inline-4 Diesel

5-Speed Manual
4-Speed Automatic


70 Liter Tank
630KM Range


2.7 Liter DOHC 16 Valve VVT-I Inline-4 160bhp@5800RPM
3.0 Liter OHC 8 Valve Inline-4 Diesel 97bhp@5800RPM

Pros & Cons

2WD and 4WD options

Poor fuel economy

Toyota Hiace Price in Pakistan


  • Seats for hiace

    Can anyone tell me where can I find the seats like in the reference picture. 1685790 I need something similar to that for my hiace project. These are electronic seats but for me manual could work also but i need something real comfort...

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  • Toyota Hiace available for rent

    hello guys, creating a thread on behalf of my relative ... 10 FRESH IMPORT Toyota Hiace available for rent ... Contact Numbers : 0333-3936666, 0334-3936666, 0300-5190070 Here are the pictures of Toyota Hiace ... 165711616571171657118...

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  • Toyota Hiace for Hire to visit Peshawer from karachi.

    Hi all. I need a little bit of help, I have to attend a function in Mardan in 2/3 of January with 10 members of the family. as looking at the price of fligths it does not make sense to me to travel by air I will rather travel by Hiace ...

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  • Toyota hiace as private vehicle

    Someone in my family wants to customize toyota hiace for their weekly travel on gt-road. His concern is will they be stopped by police more frequent thinking of hiace as a route car? What kind of issues he can face by police? One of my...

    2 replies 2015-10-02 12:34:45 +0500

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