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Thread: corolla 1.3 Fuel consumption

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    Default corolla 1.3 Fuel consumption

    h1hi guys i'm planning to buy the new corolla GLI. Can any one tell me what fuel consumption it gives?/h1

    Over the net i found the following road test @

    According to this road test it does 17-20 Km per liter? it sounds too good to be true.

    h1New Corolla 1.3 Optimal drive delivers Improved fuel Efficiency/h1

    During the recent media launch of the new Corolla 1.3 with Toyota's Optimal Drive engine technology a significant improvement in fuel economy was promised and then proven by participating journalists themselves in a practical evaluation drive.

    Consumption figures obtained during the series of three media functions staged around the country surprised even the harshest critics of the combination of a small capacity engine in a relatively large body.

    Twenty-nine of South Africa's top motoring journalists drove the new Corolla 1.3 on economy run type events held in Durban, Cape Town and Gauteng. During these three regional launches the journalists were required to drive the new Corolla 1.3 over a route consisting of urban, extra-urban and highway driving conditions within a set time limit. Average speeds for the different routes were just over 80 km/h.

    Although Toyota claims an average fuel consumption of 5.9 litres/100 km for conditions similar to those experienced by the journalists for this latest Corolla model, the journalists attained an average figure of just 5.27 litres/100 km, nearly 19 km (18.98) per litre!

    While the expectation was that the best consumption figures would be attained at sea level, these were in fact realised in Gauteng at high altitude. The ten journalists included in this group averaged a measly 4,88 litres/100 km, or 20.49 km per litre of fuel used.

    The new 1.33 litre Dual VVT-i engine now fitted as standard to the Corolla 1.3 delivers top-level dynamic performance with reduced noise levels and excellent environmental performance. Compared to the 1.4 litre engine that it replaces, the new engine offers as much as a 17% saving in fuel consumption together with an increase of 4% in power.

    The engine package is smaller and a full 13kg lighter than the unit it replaces. The space and weight saving initiative is carried through to the transmission with an all-new 6-speed manual unit replacing the 5-speed manual transmission that was used together with the 1.4 litre engine. The compact and lightweight 6-speed transmission is now also fitted to the Corolla 1.6 models.

    Toyota's Optimal Drive 1.33 engine as fitted to the Corolla 1.3 provides real gains for the user in terms of economy, performance, and lower emissions. With maximum power increased to 74 kW and with the improved flexibility offered by the 6-speed transmission an improvement in dynamic performance is immediately felt.

    The average fuel consumption target set for the Corolla 1.4 by Toyota engineers was 6,7 l/100km. The target for the same car fitted with the 1.33 engine and 6-speed transmission is 5.8 l/100km. At the same time CO2 emissions are reduced from 158 g/km to 136 g/km, an improvement of 14%.

    The dual VVT-i engine ensures excellent flexibility with a broad torque range together with excellent power for an enhanced everyday driving experience.

    Fuel consumption recorded on the launch:

    Average: 5.31 L/100 18.83 Km/L

    Average: 5.61 L/100 17.83 Km/ L

    Average: 4.88 L/100 20.49 Km/L

    All Groups Average: 5.27 L/100 18.98 Km/L
    Drive carefully! Remember, it's not only a car that can be recalled by it's maker.

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    i dont think the dual vvti type is there in the ones that are sold in pakistan.

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