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Why PakWheels Car Inspection?

Comprehensive Report

Comprehensive Report

Detailed digital report includes road test, photos and car condition report.

Qualified Technicians

Qualified Technicians

Specialist technicians providing comprehensive vehicle inspection across Pakistan.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Get the information you need to make an informed decision on your next vehicle purchase.

What’s Included In The Inspection?

What Included In The Inspection?


Using a scanning tool plugged into the engine management system to identify any fault codes.


Checks are done on air conditioning, horn, seat belts, locks, warning lights and more.

Accident Damage

A paint depth gauge test is used to check for previous cosmetic repairs. A visual inspection is used for evidence of accident.

Exterior/Body Frame

Visual inspection for rust, previous body repairs, panels and suspension.

Road Test

Checks are done on brake operation, engine noise, exhaust emissions, steering/suspension and more.

How PakWheels Car Inspection Works?

1 Make a booking online of the vehicle you’re
2 Our representative will contact you to organize an inspection time.
3 Qualified mechanics will visit the vehicle owner and conduct the inspection.
4 Your Inspection report will be sent via SMS & emailed to you within an hour of the inspection.
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PakWheels Inspection Report

Pakwheels Inspection Report

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Frequently Asked Questions

PakWheels Car Inspection is an inspection service which only tells the customer about the detailed condition of the car that is inspected. We do not approve of the car's condition in any way. Whereas PakWheels Certified Cars have been inspected and approved by PakWheels as the highest quality cars that you can buy.
Inspections can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the type, age and condition of the vehicle.
The inspection report will be handed over to you within a few hours of its inspection. The report has to be further enhanced and cross-checks have to be done to omit any errors.
Yes, the Team is composed of professional car electricians, mechanics and painters who have had extensive experience in their fields before becoming part of our Inspection Team.
The PakWheels Car Inspection Program is currently available in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar, Faislabad, and Hyderabad.
Everything, from engine, interior, exterior frame. The Team will inspect the car on a 200+ points checklist, which you can also check in the sample report above. In short, just about everything that is possible to check at the seller's house without the use of tools for dismantling.
Yes, the Inspection Team will contact the vehicle owner and with their permission, inspect the car wherever it is located, whether that is their home or office.Does PakWheels Car Inspection provide a vehicle repair service?
Sorry, PakWheels does not offer such a service at the moment.
We only need your name, phone number, address of inspection, the Make and Model of car. We contact you and let you know that you have retained our services and that our booking team will be calling you shortly to arrange a convenient time to inspect the car. When the completed report is ready, we send you an e-mail and SMS where you can view it.
You can call our Customer Support Department and cancel your appointment of inspection, if you have paid in advance, all your payment will be returned without any questions. PakWheels Helpline: 042-111 WHEELS ( 042 - 111 943 357 )
Just about everything it is possible to check at the seller's house without the use of tools for dismantling.
Due to liability issues it is just not possible for us to perform any test that requires the removal of parts from the vehicle with the use of tools. We do, however, check and report oil pressure at startup and on the road, on cars fitted with an oil pressure gauge. We can check for 'blow-by' and cross contamination of fluids by removing the valve cover cap, radiator cap and dipstick. If there are internal issues with the engine they will likely be evident here if not on the test-drive.
Sorry, we are not providing assessment service at the moment.
The inspection report is the true picture of car on a certain date and so validity does not apply. It means that as of this date your car was under this condition.
No, an inspection is NOT A GUARANTEE. It is merely another tool for you to use in the purchasing process. When used in conjunction with pre- and post- inspection interviews of the seller, you should be able to garner enough information to decide whether or not the car met your expectations. The final decision as to whether the vehicle meets your needs, rests firmly with you.