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New Toyota Camry -One of the best lookers around, the Camry is quite sharp. The headlamp is like a blade and the snout is pronounced with that Toyota badge falling into the grille which in itself is quite eye-catching! There a hint of BMW 7-Series too, with the boot having a step-like design like the BMW. The tail lamps too are modern and give a bulging stance to the rear. The interior is equally good looking. There aluminium, fake wood and luxurious-looking plastics all over. The centre console is luminescent blue which gives it quite a unique look. The seats are large and easily one of the best this side of Rs 30 lakh.The 2.4l, 167bhp engine is extremely smooth and has an instant-power-delivery nature to it. The auto box is also quite quick to react and works brilliantly. The suspension is well sorted out and soaks in all the torture you throw at it with aplomb. Although you do not feel any bumps, the suspension thud is quite audible in the cabin. The handling is taut and the body roll is well controlled giving the Camry a planted feel all the time, but we wish the steering could have been a bit better and had more heft at speed. The 2.4l engine and an automatic tranny affect the fuel efficiency and the Camry will return 7kpl in the city.It is a car that lets you arrive in style. It is comfortable and quite manageable in the city. The ride quality is good and handling sharp. It is a very comfortable and refined machine that is not really value for money.

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Toyota Camry 2.4 up-specs Automatic

Posted by Haroon on Sep 05, 2012

Toyota Camry is a well renowned brand all over the world due to its reasonable price and reliability stats. Then again in Pakistan; we are a little different then the rest:). Here its among the be...

toyota camry
Toyota Camry 2.4 up-specs Automatic

Posted by fanofcars on Aug 26, 2012

it is a good luxury vehicle, it is a 2400cc luxury car.and its performance is very very is chosen by families mostly as compared to the other luxury cars which are about shape is ...