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New Mercedes Benz E Class -What a Mercedes should be; big, high-tech, fast and super-safe. Has had quality issues, but the best of the range, and very desirable's.

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  • Suggestion between 2009 Prado and 2010 Mercedes E class

    Need suggestion on which car to buy , also it would be preferable if anyone has driven any one of both of em so can give good advice. Eclass 2010 market is 65-70 and prado 2009-10 is around 75-80 . I want to buy either one of em in 2 3 ...

    18 2014-08-03 19:15:50 +0500

  • what should be purchased civic oriel auto / C class / E class

    Aoa all plz experts i need ur help............ honda civic top of line model price 2.6 million plus approx C class 2002 to 2007 ..... 2.0 million to 2.7 million approx E class 2002 to 2006 ..... 2.5 million to 3.0 million approx ...

    10 2014-06-02 16:34:26 +0500

  • AHL's Genuine Classic CG's Full Chrome Exhaust For Sale.

    In good condition. Had bought it for my 2014 CG-125 but sadly bike was snatched before it could clock 1000 kilometers. Inside of exhaust 99% carbon free. Was installed in my friend's CG and he hardly used this exhaust for a month. De...

    5 2014-05-26 12:37:05 +0500

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Jaw dropping

Mercedes Benz E Class E200CGI LIM

Posted by fivestargas on Feb 22, 2012

this car is amazing have no complaints in particular if your looking for luxury and speed then this is the car to get its totally worth the money the comfort is out of this world there is nothing like it the look of it is brilliant it is much more...

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E300 Avantgarde

Mercedes Benz E Class E200CGI LIM

Posted by Salman on Oct 02, 2011

I drive E300 (2011) instead of E200CGI. E300 has a 3000 CC engine and is more powerful then the mere 1800CC engine of E200. I love this car, its grip, its comfort and its design. I love its panoramic sunroof also. I have not driven S class...

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