Guys I have a white alto vxr . I drive it for shorter distances within Karachi and it has not given me any big problem since I have maintained it since 11 months I have bought . alto suspension is great and car really is jumpy but it is spacious . I think coure is a small car like mehran but it is better than mehran . no comparison of a coure with alto I guess . alto pic on petrol is zabardast . I got from the new underpass in Clifton to do talwar in just 2 minutes . pls tell me guys is overtaking in small cars like alto risky ?. alto ki milage kam hain par it is a reliable car . an other piece of advice that do not use these local motor oils like shell , pso for car engine . use Korean motor oil’s because they are much safer for car engine life . I have heard that in local oil there is mixing much .