My uncle has a Alto, Its A/C wasnt working he got it repaired once, But it eventualy stoped working within a week only, He wasnt getting time so i requested him to let me handle the repair.

Took the car to my A/C mechanic, looking the car coming to him he told me condensor gaya apka, He could see oil marks through the bumper, After getting the bumper out he told me,

Alto has this issue, That when the radiator gets serviced, the mechanics dont put back the condensor bottle (i hope thats what is it called), As the space is very tight to put it back in Alto, Since it was loose it kept hitting the pipe and it broke.

He said the remedy is to get the condensor pipe welded and install the condensor bottle properly.

Took off the bumper, Uninstalled the pipping, removed the condensor, took it for a weld, Serviced (washed it) reinstalled everything, The getting the condensor bottle to its place took around 30 minutes .

Vacumed/Flushed the system and filled gas after the soap test.

Is it the way to do it? Or should the condensor be replaced?

My point of sharing this issue is because i was told this is common in Alto, And mechanics tell owners to replace the condensors charging them alot of money. Keep the old ones repair them and sell them as used stuff