Hi Everyone,

I have a 2006 Alto VXR and I have tried absolutely everything but it won't give me more then 11 km/liter. I am from Islamabad and was quite baffled to see that a 1000cc car with such poor mileage (my Civic 2005 EXI, 1500cc had a much better average) but then every mechanic I have gone to has told me that at best it would give 14 km/liter but that is on long route with almost no gear shifting, so I guess all the Alto VXR owners have to live with it.
The last mechanic I went to who actually managed to some how increase the fuel average (from 6km/l to 11km/l) told me that I have 4 options if I want to get better mileage on Petrol as CNG is something of a myth here these days.

1. Install an EFI kit (remove the carb)
2. Remove the stock engine and get a 660cc (parts for both cost almost the same)
3. Remove the stock engine and get a 1000cc EFI (Japanese model with same shape had this engine)
4. Sell this car and get a Mehran

Can you guys also share your views? Also does anyone of you has an idea about the 1000cc EFI engine which came in the very same shape?