Assalam U Alaiqum!
I just purchased a baleno 2004 model few days back but i have aways kept a bike for my personal use and just drove my father oldie car so dn have much idea bout maintenance schedule of a car which needs to be care take of

Can anyone tell me about the fliud level and when to change.Heres the list

1.OIL prv owner used Zic A is it good and when should i change my oil

2.Gear oil,brake oil

3.When to get an AC service (ryt nw its chilled ac )

4.I heard ppl use coolant in radiator.what i remember i always pured water in radiator of my father's car so whats the purpose of coolant?is it necessary?
which company's coolant is best?how to add it?

5.when to change oil filter,fuel filter and spark plugs

Kindly help me out as cant rely on road side mechanics.i need expert opinion or experiences opinion

JazakALLAHu khairan