We own an 07 Toyota Belta which has run almost 57k kilometers. But since the past couple of days, it has been giving us some major problems, which at the moment, my father is taking a bit too lightly.

Firstly, on various occasions the steering wheel jammed up for a second. Right now it's only happened at low speeds 10-20 kmph, wonder what would happen if its traveling faster! Im also feeling that the steering wheel is a little hard.

Secondly, today, I started the car up today to goto school, the car behaved normally on the way, but when I reached and put the car in 'Reverse' gear to park it, it stopped running and wouldnt start, unless I pumped the accelerator in 'Neutral' or 'Park' and when i put it into gear again, it stopped again, so I had to change gear while the accelerator was lightly pressed.

What could be the problem? My dad says somethings wrong in the ECU of the car. We havent changed the brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, since we bought the car, when it was at 34k.