Good day to all,
I purchased a Toyota belta in my country , Guyana which is located in south america from one of our car dealers. after purchase I took the car to the mechanic for him to do an overall checkup to make sure the car is in working condition. He did and said yes. now its been a year now, and im experiencing transmission problems, where by the mechanic is now telling me he never checked the transmission oil for the car . due to this, upon accelerating the car will jerk up then move off, but will only go upto 40km/h, if you continue to press the accelerator further the engine sounds like its ringing out, but the car is hardly moving. I took the car back to the mechanic and ask him to see what is going on, he told me to change my transmission oil and used shell dextron DIII, upon doing so the car got worse. I went to another mechanic and he told me to purchase the cvt oil , which is the correct transmission oil. upon doing so, the car when place in reverse gear is not reversing, when its in drive its driving but yet jerking up, when its in neutral its driving. What is my next step, can some one help me? below are the car specs. What will be the cost for a second hand good transmission or for a new one and where can get one to buy?

production period: 11/2005
catalog code: 141170
complectation: SCP92-BEXNK
frame number: SCP92-1000599
engine: 2SZFE
grade: x
trans: ATM
options: cvfc
trans# k410-D3A579
model: DBA-SCP92-BEXNK