hi guys

this 1 jan we got new city which dad wanna to give me and take my old 05 city vario from me and to give it to our marketing manager. But me, my dad and my Taya abu all were gr8 dissapointed with it thus, i didnt gave it to dad and after few weeks my dad sold it to his friend with 100 k loss

now again dad is issueing city auto and 500k pay kar diye monday ko. ab dad is trying to presuade me that woh new ride le lo as mine buhat purani hogai hai and 97000km chal chuki hai. and he is afraid after 50k or less it would start producing problems

so waht i do now i love mine 05 model as after that honda ne kachra introduce kia hai.
few problems i mentioning about

  • new city AT have a very awkward shape. totally aweful
  • new city AT petrol consumtion is way to high
  • new city AT is damn low powered as meri even without hi octane is awesome at d bt new mei hi octane dalo then it equals the power of D in my oldy
  • New city niche lagti hai even at 10km/h crossing over speedbraker in a diagonal direction but mine old doesnt hit at even 29km/h on the same braker. [bt shock ki awaz buhat ayi thi old mei ]
  • S mei old buhat dhaso hai bt new one usse bhi acchi hai special till 40km/h then its again brb
  • new old seems to be flying at 120/h but the old is quite smooth at 140km/h [the top i took]
mentioned the few problem. now tellme professionally wht to do and if i wanna go for new the methods to avoid the problems