Hi Folks,

By no means is this an advertisment. It is only meant to share a good experince i had.

So my City 04 has had resident problem of Gas leaking from AC. I finally went to Yaadgar AC today. It took around 6 hours. but the person diagnosed the rubber seal and shaft was damaged inside the compressor, hence the gas leakage.

What i really appreciated was the fact that the Yadgar AC person explianed the whole system to me. and pointed out the trouble spots to me with complete paitence.
Also, he chharged me 3k for complete service and Gas refills. and 2 k for compressor fixing. he also told me that he was fully satisfied with teh ac now and even if i went to him after 15 days he would still cater to teh problem.

So thats all. Had a good experince with Yaddgar Ac.

Hope this helps some one...