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Thread: Tires for 17x8.5 et33 Rims - 2012 Honda City (Taffeta White)

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    Default Tires for 17x8.5 et33 Rims - 2012 Honda City (Taffeta White)

    Hi everyone,

    I'm in the midst of getting new tires and rims for my ride. However, I've already found the rims that I want, the Breyton GTS Black (picture included) and I've been eyeing on it since forever. The dilemma is that I'm not sure which tires to fit it with? I am told and have seen most people are using 205/45/17 tires. I think those tires look nice but to be honest, I like wider tires. I understand it also depends on the width of the rims too.

    I even came across a City with the Breyton rims that I want as well (picture included). Judging by the picture, I'm not too sure which tires or rim size have been fitted into that car? I don't think it's the 205/45/17? Or is it? If it is, then I do hope there's other options for me to go for a wider tire. I did some research and I was wondering, could my car fit 215 or 225's? Should I stay with the 45 Aspect Ratio? or Perhaps go to 40's? Man I don't know

    Btw, I'm also going to lower the car, probably to two fingers gap. I understand there's a chance of me scraping my fenders. But there must be a setup out there to reduce this chance.

    I need some serious gurus to help me with this.

    Thank you!
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