Hi all. Great to be here. I bought a 2007 Honda city fairly used with 60,000 kilometers on the clock. Vehicle had been in a collision in the past but was repaired. The D light blinks and the ABS and hand brake lights are on as well. When i start the car, the RPM shoots to 1500 but drops to around 900 or 1000 when i change the gear to D. When i move the gear to R to back out, the RPM momentarily shoots up to 1500 RPM before coming down to 500 and then stabilising at 900. This happens only when engine is cold. At this time, the D light doesn't blink but once i set out on my journey and reach speeds of about 35 Km/hr, the D light starts blinking and continues to do so for the rest of the journey. The ABS and hand brake light stay on permanently also. Initially, the gear was making a grinding sound and shaking the whole car whenever i come to a stop or wanted to move from a standstill but that has stopped now after i changed the transmission oil and poured in CVTF oil. Another thing I want to mention is the engine braking effect when the car is decelerating from 30km to 20 km. The effect is such that i feel as if my legs were on the brake but they aren't. When the speed drops down to 20km, the car suddenly starts rolling freely again. I have scanned the car and got error code P1887. I have checked the two transmission speed sensors on the gear box and they are both good. I have checked the ABS sensors as well and they appear to be in good condition. The ABS fuses all checked out as well. What else could be the problem? Has anyone else experienced something like this and what can i do to remedy the situation. Waiting for your replies. Thanks