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Thread: Fourth Generation Honda City i-DSI/VTEC Fan Club

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    Default 4th Generation Honda City i-DSI/VTEC Fan Club

    Dear Pakwheelers,

    Here is a separate thread for the "Fourth Generation Honda City" which was unveiled in Sep-2005 in Pakistan. This new facelift is known as the Honda City i-DSI/VTEC in Pakistan and ZX in Thailand. Here is the list of some key differences between the Fourth Generation new Honda City and the old Honda City.

    For the exterior, the front bonnet was raised by
    65 mm (2.6 in) while the rear was extended by 15 mm (0.6 in) to reduce the unbalanced appearance of a short bulging front. There was a new front grille and the bonnet has stronger design lines to it, with a less bulging curve. The rear brake light clusters have also been updated to a new design, with some parts of the light extending onto the boot lid itself instead of just flanking the boot lid.

    The i-DSI and VTEC engines were the same, but the CVT gearbox gets some reprogramming to offer a sportier driving experience. Same goes to the suspension tuning. All this ?sportiness? is to attract young buyers, which Honda hoped forms the bulk of Honda City owners. Just for a quick recap of Engine, the L-series is a compact 4-cylinder engine created by Honda, introduced in 2001 with the Honda Fit. It has 1.2, 1.3, and 1.5 L displacement variants, which utilize the names L12A, L13A, and L15A. Depending on the region, these engines are sold throughout the world in the 5-door Honda Brio Fit/Jazz hatchback and the 4-door Fit Aria/City sedan (also known as Fit Saloon).Two different valve trains are present on this engine series. The L12A, L13A, and one of the L15A varieties use (Japanese: i-DSI), or ?intelligent Dual & Sequential Ignition?. This utilizes two spark plugs per cylinder which fire at different intervals during the combustion process to achieve a more complete burn of the gasoline. This process allows the engine to have more power while keeping fuel consumption low, thanks to the better gasoline utilization. Emissions are also reduced.The VTEC 1.5 engine is a SOHC 12/16 valve unit. The engine works on 12 valve mode at low speeds and once VTEC is engaged it switched to 16 valve mode. It makes 110ps at 5800rpm and the 143Nm torque.

    Your comments/problems regarding this specific model are welcome.
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