Hi every one,
I am using honda city 2016 from 4 months. From 3weeks facing an issue. Inside bonut there are two horizontal pillars/iron rods on which engine is fitted. On left side of car where battery is fitted, below battery the pillar is having some paint issue. Paint is removed from 4 inches area and rusty iron is visible. I went to Honda and EFU as well for claim but both rejected claim by saying its user fault. How? Somehow Battery water drain out of battery top nobs and acid disturbed the paint of pillar. Dont know how this happend. Battery connectors are perfect. No problems there. No leakage in battery. Never water was injected in battery since i buy.
Honda showroom gave an estimate of 15k to repair the paint.
Please suggest me what i should do? Should i use oil paint spray on that rusty part of pillar?
Or should i use oil paint with brush? Or should i go for wasting 15k to honda?
And about battery? Should i use dry battery? Please some one suggest me good thing for pillar paint issue. Also metal below that pillar is suffering now as well.
Please please suggest something for my two problems battery and especially paint..